Fall Courses
Spring Courses
Not Offered


AMST 101(F) Artists Respond to Contemporary Events (Same as ArtS 101)
AMST 201(F,S) Introduction to American Studies
AMST 220(F) Introduction to African American Writing (Same as Africana Studies 220 and English 220)*
AMST 302(F) American Utopias (Junior Seminar)
AMST 331(F) Sound and Movement in the Diaspora: Afro-Latin Identities (Same as Africana Studies 331, Latina/o Studies 331, Theatre 331, and Women and Gender Studies 331)*
AMST 338(F) Literature of the American Renaissance (Same as English 338)
AMST 397(F), 398(S) Independent Study
AMST 403(F) New Asian American, African American, Native American, and Latina/o Writing (Same as Comparative Literature 375 and English 375) (Senior Seminar)*
AMST 491(F)-W30, W30-492(S) Senior Honors Project


AMST 201(F,S) Introduction to American Studies
AMST 210(S) American Modernism (Same as English 210)
AMST 235(S) Latina/o Theatre and Performance, 1950-2000 (Same as Comparative Literature 268, Latina/or Studies 235, Theatre 235 and Women's and Gender Studies 235)*
AMST 240(S) Latina/o Language and Literature: Hybrid Voices in Contemporary Context (Same as Comparative Literature 210, Latina/o Studies 240 and Linguistics 254)*
AMST 256T(S) Literature of the Americas: Dialogues in Historical Perspective (Same as Comparative Literature 272 and Spanish 272) (W)
AMST 264(S) American Art and Architecture, 1600 to Present (Same as ArtH 264)
AMST 283(S) Topics in Asian American Literature (Same as English 287)*
AMST 305(S) Cities of the Anglophone Chinese Imagination (Same as Asian Studies 305, Comparative Literature 303 and English 374)*
AMST 339(S) Theorizing Popular Culture: Latinas/os and the Dynamics of the Everyday (Same as Comparative Literature 338 and Latina/o Studies 338) (W)*
AMST 364(S) Imagining Urban America, Three Case Studies: Boston, Chicago, and L.A. (Same as History 466)
AMST 397(F), 398(S) Independent Study
AMST 405(S) Home and Belonging: Comparative Explorations of Displacements, Relocations, and Place-making (Same as Latina/o Studies 405) (Senior Seminar) (W)*
AMST 491(F)-W30, W30-492(S) Senior Honors Project


AMST 209 American Literature: Origins to 1865 (Same as English 209) (Not offered 2007-2008)
AMST 221 Introduction to Urban Studies: Shaping and Living the City (Same as Latino/a Studies 220) (Not offered 2007-2008)*
AMST 225 Religions of North America (Same as Religion 225) (Not offered 2007-2008)
AMST 226 New Religions in North America (Same as Religion 226) (Not offered 2007-2008)
AMST 228T North American Apocalyptic Thought (Same as Religion 228T) (Not offered 2007-2008)
AMST 302 Asian American Writing and the Visual Arts (Same as English 388) (Junior Seminar) (Not offered 2007-2008)*
AMST 310 Latino Cityscapes: Mapping Place, Community, and Latinidad in U.S. Urban Centers (Same as Latina/o Studies 310) (Junior Seminar) (Not offered 2007-2008)*
AMST 330 Aesthetics of Resistance: Contemporary Latin American Theatre and Performance (Same as Comparative Literature 330, Latina/o Studies 330 and Theatre 330) (Not offered 2007-2008)*
AMST 332 Latinos and Education: The Politics of Schooling, Language, and Latino Studies (Same as Latina/o Studies 332) (Junior Seminar) (Not offered 2007-2008) (W)*
AMST 346 Latinos/as and the Media: From Production to Consumption (Same as Comparative Literature 359 and Latina/o Studies 346) (Not offered 2007-2008)*
AMST 368 Cultural Encounters in the American West (Same as History 368) (Not offered 2007-2008)*
AMST 379 American Pragmatism (Same as Philosophy 379) (Not offered 2007-2008)
AMST 403 American Music (Senior Seminar) (Not offered 2007-2008)
AMST 403 Notions of Race and Ethnicity in American Culture (Senior Seminar) (Not offered 2007-2008)*
AMST 406 Twentieth-Century American Poetic Movements (Same as English 407) (Not offered 2007-2008)
AMST 407 Studying American Studies: The Evolution of a Discipline (Senior Seminar) (Not offered 2007-2008)
AMST 409 Tracing the Roots of Routes: Comparative Transnationalisms (Same as Latina/o Studies 409) (Not offered 2007-2008) (W)*
AMST 462 Art of California: "Sunshine or Noir" (Same as ArtH 462 and Latina/o Studies 462) (Not offered 2007-2008)