Fall Courses
Spring Courses
Not Offered


ENVI 101(F) Humans and the Biosphere: An Introduction to Environmental Studies
ENVI 103(F) Global Warming and Natural Disasters (Same as Geosciences 103)
ENVI 105(F) Biodiversity in Geologic Time (Same as Geosciences 101)
ENVI 201(F) American Landscape History (Same as ArtH 201)
ENVI 203(F) Ecology (Same as Biology 203) (Q)
ENVI 205(F) Geomorphology (Same as Geosciences 201)
ENVI 207(F) Earth's Strategic Resources (Same as Geosciences 205)
ENVI 224(F) The Rise and Fall of Civilizations (Same as Anthropology 214)*
ENVI 225(F) Natural History of the Berkshires (Same as Biology 225 and INTR 225)
ENVI 287(F) The Dynamics of Globalization: Society, Religion and the Environment (Same as Religion 287)
ENVI 302(F) Environmental Planning Workshop
ENVI 307(F) Environmental Law (Same as Political Science 317)
ENVI 351(F,S) Marine Policy (Same as Maritime Studies 351) (Offered only at Mystic Seaport.)
ENVI 379(F) The Economics of Sustainability (Same as Economics 379) (Q)
ENVI 390(F) Nature and Culture (Same as Anthropology 390)
ENVI 397(F), 398(S) Independent Study of Environmental Problems
ENVI 478(F) (formerly 378) Nature/Writing (Same as English 478)
ENVI 493(F)-W31-494(S) Senior Research and Thesis


ENVI 102(S) Introduction to Environmental Science
ENVI 104(S) Oceanography (Same as Geosciences 104 and Maritime Studies 104)
ENVI 106(S) Human Evolution: Down From the Trees, Out to the Stars (Same as Anthropology 102)
ENVI 206(S) Renewable Energy and the Sustainable Campus (Same as Geosciences 206)
ENVI 211(S) North-American Dwellings (Same as ArtH 213)
ENVI 214(S) Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (Same as Geosciences 214)
ENVI 216(S) The Aesthetics and Culture of North American Woodlands (Same as ArtH 215) (W)
ENVI 220(S) Field Botany and Plant Natural History (Same as Biology 220)
ENVI 341(S) Toxicology and Cancer (Same as Chemistry 341)
ENVI 351(F,S) Marine Policy (Same as Maritime Studies 351) (Offered only at Mystic Seaport.)
ENVI 364(S) Instrumental Methods of Analysis (Same as Chemistry 364) (W)
ENVI 386(S) Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management (Same as Economics 386 and Economics 515)
ENVI 391(S) Imagining Scientists (Same as English 391)
ENVI 397(F), 398(S) Independent Study of Environmental Problems
ENVI 402(S) Perspectives on Environmental Issues: Senior Seminar (Same as Maritime Studies 402)
ENVI 405(S) The Arctic: Memory, Landscape, Tradition (Same as English 405)
ENVI 493(F)-W31-494(S) Senior Research and Thesis


ENVI 134 The Tropics: Biology and Social Issues (Same as Biology 134) (Not offered 2007-2008)*
ENVI 192 War and the Disruption of Nature (Same as History 192 (Not offered 2007-2008) (W)
ENVI 208 Water and the Environment (Same as Geosciences 208) (Not offered 2007-2008)
ENVI 213 The Economics of Natural Resource Use (Same as Economics 213) (Not offered 2007-2008) (Q)
ENVI 215 Climate Changes (Same as Geosciences 215) (Not offered 2007-2008) (Q)
ENVI 218T The Carbon Cycle and Climate (Same as Geosciences 218T) (Not offered 2007-2008) (W)
ENVI 219T The Geology and Development of Modern Asia (Same as Geosciences 219T) (Not offered 2007-2008)(W)
ENVI 221 Economics of the Environment (Same as Economics 221) (Not offered 2007-2008) (Q)
ENVI 234 Economic Development in Poor Countries (Same as Economics 204) (Not offered 2007-2008)*
ENVI 235T Biological Modeling with Differential Equations (Same as Biology 235T and Mathematics 335T) (Not offered 2007-2008) (Q)
ENVI 312 Communities and Ecosystems (Same as Biology 302) (Not offered 2007-2008) (Q)
ENVI 329 The Global Politics of Development and Underdevelopment (Same as Political Science 327) (Not offered 2007-2008)*
ENVI 353 North American Indian History: Pre-Contact to the Present (Same as History 353) (Not offered 2007-2008)*
ENVI 371 American Environmental Politics (Same as History 371) (Not offered 2007-2008)
ENVI 388 Urbanization and Development (Same as Economics 388 and Economics 521) (Not offered 2007-2008)
ENVI 404T Topics in Ecology: Biological Resources (Same as Biology 402T) (Not offered 2007-2008) (W)
ENVI 424T Conservation Biology (Same as Biology 424T) (Not offered 2007-2008) (W)