The following courses involve some form of experiential learning. A complete description of each course may be found in the relevant department's section of the course catalog. Students may obtain detailed information about experiential elements in a specific course from its instructor.


AFR 222/LATS221/MUS 220(F) Rhythm and Jazz in America, Brazil and Cuba

AFR 410/PSCI 302(S) Race, Culture and Incarceration

AMST 201(F,S) Intoduction to American Studies

ARTH 201(F) American Landscape History

ARTH 213/ENVI 211(S) North American Dwellings

ARTH 215/ENVI 216(S) The Aesthetics and Culture of North American Woodlands

ARTH 274 Chinese Calligraphy: Theory and Practice

ARTH 508(S) Art and Conservation: An Inquiry into History, Methods and Materials

BIOL/ENVI 220(S) Field Botany and Plant Natural History

BIOL/ENVI 225(F) Natural History of the Berkshires

CLAS 103(S) Greek and Roman Drama: Renewal and Transformation

ENVI 101(S) Humans in the Landscape: An Introduction to Enviromental Studies

ENVI 102(S) Introduction to Environmental Science

ENVI 302(F) Environmental Planning Workshop

ENVI 397(F) Independent Study of Environmental Problems

GEOS 105(F) Geology Outdoors

LATS 230(F) Approaching Perfomance Studies

MAST 211(F,S) Oceanographic Processes (Williams/Mystic Program)

MAST 231T(F,S) Literature of the Sea

MAST 311(F,S) Marine Ecology (Williams/Mystic Program)

MAST 351(F,S) Marine Policy (Williams/Mystic Program)

MAST 352(F,S) America and the Sea, 1600-Present (Williams/Mystic Program)

PHYS 108(S) Heat, Energy and the Environment

PHYS 109(F) Sound, Light and Perception

POEC 402(S) Political Economy of Public Policy Issues

PSYC 352(S) Clinical and Community Psychology

PSYC 372(F) Advanced Seminar in Teaching and Learning

WNY 301T(F, S) Fieldwork in New York (Williams in New York Program)

WNY 302(S) Cinema and the City

WNY 306(S) Street Smarts: Learning to Read the City

WNY 307(F) Arts and the City (Williams in New York Program)


AMST 15 Contemporary American Songwriting

AMST 25 Asian American Experimental Poets and Artists in New York City

ANSO/REL 10 Meditation-Based Stress Reduction: Adopting a Mindfulness Practice

ANSO 11 Berkshire Farm Center Internship

ANSO 12 Children and the Courts: Internship in the Crisis in Child Abuse

ARTH 25 At the Junction of Aesthetics and Commerce: A Close Look at Antique and New Production Rugs and Textiles in the US and Turkey

ARTS 11 The Animate Image

CHIN 13 Theory and Practice of Chinese Cooking

JAPN 10 Japanese Animation

ASTR 10 Applied Aerodynamics

BIOL 16 Rhythm Based Conflict Resolution: An Experiential Approach

CHEM 11/SPEC 11 Science for Kids

CHEM 15 "You are Not Listening!" Exploring Interpersonal Conflict

CHEM 16 Glass and Glassblowing

CLAS 11 Roman Food in Antiquity

CSCI 12 Computer Animation Production

ECON 12 Personal Financial Planning

ECON 25 Gender, Video and Social Activism in Senegal

ENGL 10 Fictions of Domesticity

ENGL 14 Jazz and Poetry Workshop

ENGL 25 Morocco

ENVI 14 Advocating for the Environment

ENVI 25 Sustainable Resource Management on Eleuthera Island

GEOS 10 The Digital Darkroom

GEOS 12 Landscape Photography

GERM 25 Berlin

LEAD 18 Wilderness Leadership

LING 10 Linguistic Typology and the Science of Constructed Languages

LING 12 Preliminary Introduction to American Sign Language

MATH 10 Pilates: Fitness, Philosophy and Physiology

MATH 11 Teaching Mathematics at BarT

MATH 14 Creating Fractals

MATH 16 Knitting: The Social History and Craft Form

MATH 17 Tournament Bridge

MUS 10 Symphonic Winds: Music of Louis Andriessen and Stephen Sondheim

MUS 14 Brazilian Music

MUS 16 Zimbabwean Marimba Music

PHIL 11 Aikido and Ethics

PHYS 12 Meet the Right Side of Your Brain: Drawing as a Learnable Skill

PHYS 15 Livres des Artists-The Artist Book

PSCI 21 Fieldwork in Public and Private Non-Profits

PSCI 25 Williams in NOLA (New Orleans)

PSYC 13 Get Focused and Step It Up- Climate Change Activism

PSYC 15 Ephquilts: An Introduction to Traditional Quiltmaking

PSYC 17 Teaching Practicum

PSYC 18 Psychology in Action

REL 24 The Reformation in Europe

REL 25 Explorations in Solidarity: A Meeting of Minds and Hearts in Nicaragua

RUSS 24 Resettling Refugees in Maine

RUSS/SPEC 25 Williams in Georgia

SPEC 10 Quest for College: Early Awareness in Berkshire County Schools

SPEC 14 Emergency Medical Technician

SPEC 19 Medical Apprenticeship

SPEC 21 Psychology of the Workplace, A Field Study

SPEC 24 Eye Care and Culture on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua

SPEC 27 Teaching Practicum in New York City Schools

SPEC 35 Making Pottery on the Potter's Wheel