Fall Courses
Spring Courses
Not Offered


THEA 103(F,S) Acting I
THEA 104(F) World Theatre History I: Performance in Oral, Written and Print Cultures (Same as Comparative Literature 104)
THEA 201(F) Theatrical Design: Process of Collaboration
THEA 230(F) Approaching Performance Studies (Same as Latina/o Studies 230 and Women and Gender Studies 231)*
THEA 236(F) Political Theatre Making
THEA 240(F) Solo Performance
THEA 241(F) Performing Race: From Shakespeare to Spike Lee (Same as Africana Studies 241 and Comparative Literature 241)*
THEA 305(F) Costume Design (Same as ArtS 200)
THEA 331(F) Sound and Movement in the Diaspora: Afro-Latin Identities (Same as Africana Studies 331, American Studies 331, Latina/o Studies 331, and Women and Gender Studies 331)*
THEA 338(F) Facing the Music
THEA 339(F) Introduction to Dramaturgy: The Art of Classical Adaptation
THEA 397(F), 398(S) Independent Study
THEA 401(F), 402(S) Independent Senior Practicum
THEA 493(F), 494(S) Senior Honors Thesis


THEA 102(S) Introduction to Theatre Technology
THEA 103(F,S) Acting I
THEA 214(S) Writing for the Theatre (Same as English 214) (W)
THEA 235(S) Latina/o Theatre and Performance, 1950-2000 (Same as American Studies 235, Comparative Literature 268, Latina/or Studies 235, and Women's and Gender Studies 235)*
THEA 242(S) Body of Knowledge (Same as ArtS 242)
THEA 243T(S) Strategies of Political Theatre (W)
THEA 303(S) Stage Lighting
THEA 306(S) Acting III: Variable Topics Acting Studio
THEA 307(S) Stage Direction
THEA 311(S) Greek and Roman Drama: Renewal and Transformation (Same as Classics 103 and Comparative Literature 109)
THEA 315(S) Renaissance Drama (Same as English 314)
THEA 375(S) Performance and Its Traces (Same as Latina/o Studies 375)*
THEA 397(F), 398(S) Independent Study
THEA 401(F), 402(S) Independent Senior Practicum
THEA 493(F), 494(S) Senior Honors Thesis


THEA 204 Acting II (Not offered 2007-2008)
THEA 205 The Culture of Carnival (Not offered 2007-2008)*

THEA 215 Reading Contemporary Drama, or Turn of This Century Drama (Same as Comparative Literature 215) (Not offered 2007-2008)
THEA 226 Comparative Drama: The Anti-Realist Impulse (Same as Comparative Literature 226 and English 206) (Not offered 2007-2008)
THEA 228 Theatrical Self-Production (Not offered 2007-2008)
THEA 229 (formerly 312) Modern Drama (Same as Comparative Literature 202 and English 202) (Not offered 2007-2008)
THEA 239 World Theatre History II: Performance in Modern Media Cultures (Same as Comparative Literature 239) (Not offered 2007-2008)
THEA 301 Junior Seminar: Theories of Theatre (Not offered 2007-2008)

THEA 302 Scenic Design (Not offered 2007-2008)
THEA 308 Directing Workshop (Not offered 2007-2008)
THEA 330 Aesthetics of Resistance: Contemporary Latin American Theatre and Performance (Same as American Studies 330, Comparative Literature 330 and Latina/o Studies 330) (Not offered 2007-2008)*