A description of the tutorial program, and information about how tutorials operate, may be found on page 4 of this catalog. Students may obtain detailed information about particular tutorials from the course descriptions and the instructors.

Anthropology and Sociology

ANTH 243T(F) Dilemmas of Humanitarian Intervention (W) D. EDWARDS

ARTH 300T(F) Rembrandt Tutorial: Case Studies of Individual Works and Controversial Issues (W) FILIPCZAK
ARTH 330T(F) Michelangelo: Biography, Mythology, and the History of Art (W)
ARTS 300T(S) Narrative Spaces
ARTS 364T(F) Artists' Books TAKENAGA

BIOL 208T(S) The Search for Life's Beginnings (W)
BIOL 210T(S) Evo-Devo: The Evolution of Animal Design (W) SAVAGE
BIOL 425T(S) Coevolution (W)

Comparative Literature
COMP 231T(F)/ENGL 266T(F) Postmodernism (W) C. BOLTON
COMP 242T(F) Reading and Writing the Body (W) VAN DE STADT

Computer Science
CSCI 374T(S) Machine Learning (Q) DANYLUK
CSCI 434T(F) Compiler Design (Q) FREUND

ECON 357T(F) The Strange Economics of College (W) SCHAPIRO
ECON 371T(S) Economic Justice ZIMMERMAN
ECON 458T(F) Economics of Risk GENTRY
ECON 467T(F,S)/ECON 518T(F,S) Development Successes (W) MONTIEL


ENGL 259T(F) Film Noir (W) J. SHEPARD
ENGL 288T(F) The Story Cycle (W) K. SHEPARD
ENGL 301T(F) Four American Poets: Williams, Creeley, Kyger, Snyder (W) CLEGHORN
ENGL 323T(S) A Novel Education (W) FIX
ENGL 343T(S) Whitman and Dickinson in Context (W) KENT
ENGL 360T(F) Joyce's Ulysses (W) R. BELL


GEOS 304T(S) Paleoecology (W) M. JOHNSON


HIST 117T(S)/ASST 117T(S) Clash of Empires: China and the West, 1800-1900 (W)* A. REINHARDT
HIST 135T(F)/LEAD 135T The Great War, 1914-1918 (W) WOOD
HIST 154T(S) The American Way of War: The First Three Centuries (W) WOOD
HIST 480T(F) Historical Narratives of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (W)* BERNHARDSSON
HIST 481T(S) The American Revolution, 1763-1798: Meanings and Interpretations (W)* AUBERT
HIST 482T(S) Fictions of African-American History (W)* LONG
HIST 483T(F) African Political Thought (W)* MUTONGI

Maritime Studies

MAST 231T(F,S)/ENGL 231T(F,S) Literature of the Sea (W) (Offered only at Mystic Seaport.) BERCAW EDWARDS


MATH 416T(F) Diophantine Analysis (Q) BURGER
STAT 442T(S) Computational Statistics and Data Mining (Q) DEVEAUX

MUS 203T(F), 204T(S) Composition I and II Fall: KECHLEYSpring: PEREZ VELAZQUEZ
MUS 221T(S) Advanced Ear Training for Jazz Musicians: The Study of Jazz Improvisation Traditions through the Art of Transcription JAFFE
MUS 246T(F) The Tale of Carmen, 1845-2007 (W) BLOXAM

PHIL 273T(S) Hume's Treatise of Human Nature (W) MLADENOVIC
PHIL 274T(F) Messing with People: The Ethics of Human Experimentation (W) J. PEDRONI
PHIL 307T(S) Free Will (W) WHITE
PHIL 311T(F)/WGST311T(F) Body Politics: Power, Pain, and Pleasure (W) SAWICKI
PHYS 405T(F) Electromagnetic Theory (Q) WOOTTERS

Political Science

PSCI 314T(S) American Political Development (W) MELLOW
PSCI 331T(S) Non-Profit Organization and Community Change (W) A. WILLINGHAM
PSCI 337T(S) Nietzsche and the Critique of Modern Life (W) MARASCO
PSCI 345T(S) Political Leadership in Ancient Chinese Thought (W)* CRANE
PSCI 349T(F) Cuba and the United States (W)* MAHON


REL 309T(F)/COMP 309T(F)/JWST 491T(F) Exile, Homecoming and the Promised Land (W) HAMMERSCHLAG

Romance Languages
RLFR 312T(F) Francographic Islands (W)* PIEPRZAK
RLSP 306T(S)/COMP 302T(S) Latino Writing: Literature by U.S. Hispanics (W)* BELL-VILLADA

THEA 243T(S) Strategies of Political Theatre (W) BUCKY

Williams in New York
WNY 301T(F) Fieldwork in New York (W) JACKALL
WNY 301T(S) Fieldwork in New York (W) E. J. JOHNSON

The Center for Development Economics is offering a graduate-level courses (ECON 516T) in the tutorial format. Interested undergraduates should consult the course description and the instructor for eligibility.

The College acknowledges with deepest gratitude those classes and individuals who have created generous endowments to support tutorials at Williams:
The Class of 1953
The Class of 1954
The Class of 1979
Hugh Germanetti 1954
David A. Gray 1954

Robert L. Guyett 1958
John D. Mabie 1954
John H. Simpson 1979
Tutorial Honoring Williams Health Center Nurses