A description of experiential education at Williams may be found on page of this catalog. A complete description of each course may be found in the relevant department's section. Students may obtain detailed information about experiential elements in a specific course from its instructor.

Students interested in incorporating fieldwork into courses not listed here should contact the Coordinator for help. Inclusion of experiential components depends on permission of the instructor.


AFR 235(F) African Rhythm, African Sensibility

AFR 245/MUS 242(F) Monk and the Bebop Revolution

AMST 201(F,S) Introduction to American Studies

ARTH 201(F) American Landscape History

ARTH 308/ENVI 308(S) The North-American Park Idea

ARTH 508(S) Art and Conservation: An Inquiry into History, Methods and Materials

BIOL 220/ENVI 220(S) Field Botany and Plant Natural History

BIOL 302/ENVI 312(F) Communities and Ecosystems

CHIN 352(S) Bridging Theory and Practice: Learning and Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

ENGL 376(F) Documentary Technologies

ENVI 102(S) Introduction to Environmental Science

ENVI 302(F) Environmental Planning Workshop

ENVI 397/398(F,S) Independent Study of Environmental Problems

EXPR 309(F) Exploring Creativity

GEOS 105(F) Geology Outdoors

GEOS 206/ENVI 206(S) Renewable Energy and the Sustainable Campus

GEOS 214(S) Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems

LATS 220(F) Introduction to Urban Studies: Shaping and Living the City

LATS 230(F) Approaching Performance Studies

LATS 331(F) Sound and Movement in the Afro-Latin Diaspora

LING 400(F) Linguistics Research Seminar

MAST 104(S) Oceanography

MAST 211(F,S) Oceanographic Processes (Williams/Mystic Program)

MAST 311(F,S) Marine Ecology (Williams/Mystic Program)

MAST 351(F,S) Marine Policy (Williams/Mystic Program)

MAST 352(F,S) America and the Sea, 1600-Present (Williams/Mystic Program)

POEC 402(S) Political Economy of Public Policy Issues

PSYC 352(S) Clinical and Community Psychology

PSYC 353(F) Behavioral Medicine

PSYC 372(F) Advanced Seminar in Teaching and Learning

REL 286(F) Shopping, Desire, Compulsion and Consumption

RUSS 206(S) Topics in Russian Culture: Feasting and Fasting in Russian History

WNY 307T(F,S) Work/Ethics: Frameworks for Observing People at Work (Williams in New York Program)

WNY 308(F) Explorations in the Urban Outback (Williams in New York Program)

WNY 309(F) Covering the Other: A Course in Cross-Cultural and Community-based Film (Williams in New York Program)

WNY 310(S) Art, Space and the City (Williams in New York Program)

WNY 311(S) Imagining New York City (Williams in New York Program)


AFR 025/WGST 24 Youth, Gender and Social Activism in Tanzania

AMST 011 Singing School: Sacred Choral Traditions in the Berkshires and Beyond

AMST 015 Contemporary American Songwriting

ANSO 010 Meditation-Based Stress Reduction: Adopting a Mindfulness Practice

ANSO 011 Berkshire Farm Center Internship

ANSO 012 Children and the Courts: Internship in the Crisis in Child Abuse

ARTS 019 Introduction to the Craft and Art of Blacksmithing

CHIN 013 Theory and Practice of Chinese Cooking

CHIN 025 Study Tour to Taiwan

BIOL 014 Gestures of Time: A Visual Exploration

BIOL 015 From Populations to Species: Understanding the Evolution of Diversity

BIOL 021 Science Beyond Williams

CHEM 010 Zymurgy

CHEM 011/SPEC 011 Science for Kids

CHEM 016 Glass and Glassblowing

CSCI 010 Designing and Building a Desktop Computer

ECON 012 Negotiation: Theory and Practice

ECON 025 The Political Economy of Social Cohesion: Lessons from South Africa's Miracle

ENVI 010 The Winter Naturalist's Journal

ENVI 012 The Changing Forest

ENVI 014 Green Design Workshop and LEED Certification Course

ENVI 015 Get Focused and Step It Up-Climate Change Activism

ENVI 016 Problems with Plastics

ENVI 025 Sustainable Eleuthera: Energy, Environment and Economic Development

GEOS 012 Landscape Photography

HIST 012 Reading Childhood

HIST 015 The Great Depression: A Storied History

HIST 025/THEA 026 Fashionable London: Clothing and Fetishism from Victorian Street to Westwood Catwalk

LEAD 018 Wilderness Leadership

LGST 021 Creating a Non-Profit Organization

JAPN 012 Kamishibai Workshop

JAPN 025 Exploring Japanese Culture and Language

LING 012 Preliminary Introduction to American Sign Language

MATH 012 Mural

MATH 016/SPEC 016 Knitting: The Social History and Craft Form

MATH 023 Gaudino Winter Study Fellows Program

MUS 013 Math and Music

MUS 025 Musical Performance: Cultural Exchange in Argentina

PHIL 011 Aikido and the Creation of Ethical Policy

PHIL 013 Boxing

PHYS 15 Livres des Artists-The Artist Book

PSCI 021 Fieldwork in Public and Private Non-Profits/Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

PSCI 025 Williams in NOLA

PSYC 016 Rhythm Based Communication

PSYC 019 Psychology in Action

REL 025 Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths, Many Narratives

RLSP 016/MUS 016 Music Circus: John Cage and His World

RUSS/SPEC 025 Williams in Georgia

STAT 013 Roulette

SPEC 010 Quest for College: Early Awareness in Berkshire County Schools

SPEC 015 Ski Patrol Rescue Techniques: Outdoor Emergency Care CPR

SPEC 019 Medical Apprenticeship

SPEC 021 The Psychology of the Workplace; a Field Study with Williams Alumni/Parents

SPEC 024 Eye Care and Culture In the Rural Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua

SPEC 026/MATH 026 Resettling Refugees in Maine

SPEC 028 Teaching Practica in New York City Schools

SPEC 035 Making Pottery on the Potter's Wheel