MATH 100(F) Quantitative Studies

MATH 101(F) Pre-Calculus

MATH 102 Mathematics of Finance (Not offered 1997-98)

MATH 103(F,S) Calculus I

MATH 104(F,S) Calculus II

MATH 105(F,S) Multivariable Calculus

MATH 143(F) Elementary Statistics and Data Analysis

MATH 151(F,S) Discrete Mathematics

MATH 180(S) The Art of Mathematical Thinking: An Introduction to the Beauty and Power of Mathematical Ideas

MATH 202(F,S) Mathematics of Finance (Advanced Section)

MATH 210(S) Differential Equations and Vector Calculus

MATH 211(F,S) Linear Algebra

MATH 243(S) Statistics and Data Analysis

MATH 244 Statistical Design of Experiments (Not offered 1997-98)

MATH 285(F) Teaching Mathematics

MATH 301(F) Real Analysis

MATH 302 Complex Analysis (Not offered 1997-98)

MATH 305(S) Applied Real Analysis

MATH 306(F) Chaotic Dynamics and Fractals

MATH 312(S) Abstract Algebra

MATH 313(F) Introduction to Number Theory

MATH 315(F) Groups and Characters

MATH 321 Knot Theory (Not offered 1997-98)

MATH 324(S) Topology

MATH 330T(F) Numerical Methods

MATH 341 Probability (Not offered 1997-98)

MATH 346 Regression and Forecasting (Not offered 1997-98)

MATH 348 Mathematical Statistics (Not offered 1997-98)

MATH 354 (formerly 454) Graph Theory with Applications

MATH 360 Mathematical Logic (Not offered 1997-98)

MATH 361(F) Theory of Computation (Same as Computer Science 361)

MATH 381 History of Mathematics (Not offered 1997-98)

MATH 397(F), 398(S), 497(F), 498(S) Independent Study

MATH 402 Measure Theory and Probability (Not offered 1997-98)

MATH 403 Real Analysis II (Not offered 1997-98)

MATH 414 Abstract Algebra II (Not offered 1997-98)

MATH 426(S) Introduction to 3-Manifolds

MATH 427(F) Differential Topology

MATH 433(S) Dynamic Mathematical Modeling

MATH 448 Advanced Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis (Not offered 1997-98)

MATH 452 Combinatorics (Not offered 1997-98)

MATH 460(F) Axiomatic Set Theory

MATH 493(F)-W031-494(S) Senior Honors Thesis

MATH 499(F,S) Mathematics Colloquium