MUSIC (Div. I)

Chair, Professor DAVID S. KECHLEY

Professors: KECHLEY, D. MOORE, K. C. ROBERTS, SUDERBURG*. Associate Professors: BLOXAM***, E. D. BROWN. Assistant Professor: SHEPPARD. Part-time Lecturer: JAFFE. Visiting Professor: KORTE.


Sequence courses

Music 104 Music Theory and Musicianship I

Music 201, 202 Music Theory and Musicianship II

Music 207, 208, 209 Music in History I, Music in History II, and Music in History III

Music 402 Senior Seminar in Music

Elective courses

An additional year or two semester courses in music, to be selected from the following:

Group A: any Music 105-Music 133 course, including direct supervision by instructor in supplementary readings, assignments, papers, and other projects appropriate for the music major.

Group B: Music 203T, 204T, 212, 325, 326, 427, 428.
Department strongly recommends that students elect at least one course from each group.

It is strongly recommended that prospective majors complete Music 104, 201, 202, and 207 by the end of the sophomore year.

Performance and Concert Requirements

Music majors are encouraged to participate in departmental ensembles throughout their careers at Williams; i.e. for eight semesters. Majors are required to participate in departmental ensembles for at least four semesters. The student must petition to meet this requirement in an alternative way. Music majors are also expected to attend departmentally-sponsored concerts.

Foreign Languages

Music majors are strongly urged to take courses in at least one foreign language while at Williams.

Musicianship Skills

Music majors are strongly urged to maintain, refine and improve their musicianship skills, such as sight-singing, score reading, melodic and harmonic dictation, and keyboard proficiency, throughout their entire Williams career.


Honors is awarded at two levels-Honors and Highest Honors. Honors is typically awarded for outstanding work either in a thesis (or mini-thesis) or performance. Highest Honors may be awarded for outstanding work both in a thesis (or mini-thesis) and performance as outlined below:

I. Thesis-in either of two specializations:

a) Music History and Literature

b) Composition or Theory and Analysis
(The Student should elect Music 203T, 204T, 325, 326, and 493-W031, W031-494)

II. Elective Courses plus "Mini-Thesis"

(A program of courses plus a thesis program of one semester and a WSP 031)

III. Performance

The demonstration of outstanding performing ability within group musical activities sponsored by the college as well as by individual performances. Such students are encouraged to elect individual private instruction and/or Music 325, 326, 427, 428. Both the group and individual participation must have taken place throughout the student's entire Williams collegiate experience.

Formal application to be considered for the honors program in any of the areas listed above must be made to the Chair of Music before or during spring registration in the junior year. Final submission of thesis (I,II) or portfolio of programs, tapes, etc. (III) to faculty by April 1 of the senior year.


There are three introductory courses in music at Williams College. The student is urged to read the descriptions of Music 101, 102, and 103 and to consult the instructors to determine which course will best assist his or her growth in understanding music.