PHIL 101(F,S) Introduction to Moral and Political Philosophy

PHIL 102(F,S) Introduction to Metaphysics and Epistemology

PHIL 103 Logic and Language (Not offered 1997-98)

PHIL 201(F) Continental Philosophy: From Hegel to Post-Structuralism

PHIL 202 Analytic Philosophy: Frege, Russell, and the Early Wittgenstein (Not offered 1997-98)

PHIL 204(S) Relativism: A Thematic Introduction to Analytic Philosophy

PHIL 206 Morality and Law (Same as Political Science 236) (Not offered 1997-98)

PHIL 207(S) Moral Theory

PHIL 208(S) The Philosophy of Education

PHIL 209(F) Philosophy of Science

PHIL 210(S) Philosophy of Medicine

PHIL 221 Greek Philosophy (Same as Classics 221) (Not offered 1997-98)

PHIL 228 Aesthetics (Not offered 1997-98)

PHIL 229(S) Existentialism

PHIL 230(F) Personal Identity

PHIL 231(F) Ancient Political Philosophy (Same as Political Science 231) (Offered 1997-98; not to be offered 1998-99)

PHIL 232(S) Modern Political Philosophy (Same as Political Science 232)

PHIL 233T(F) Deviant Lives

PHIL 238 Knowledge and Reality in Indian Thought (Same as Religion 244) (Not offered 1997-98)*

PHIL 251 Utopia, Dystopia (Not offered 1997-98)

PHIL 302(S) The Concept of Freedom in Hegel and Nietzsche

PHIL 304 Authenticity: From Rousseau to Post-Structuralism (Not offered 1997-98)

PHIL 305 Metaphysics: Aristotle, Spinoza and Leibniz (Not offered 1997-98)

PHIL 306 Kant's Critique of Pure Reason (Not offered 1997-98)

PHIL 308 Wittgenstein's Investigations (Not offered 1997-98)

PHIL 310(S) Reason and Revelation: Philosophy of Religion from Leibniz to Kierkegaard (Same as Religion 286)

PHIL 327 Foucault: Gender, Power, and the Body (Not offered 1997-98)

PHIL 401(F) Senior Seminar: Contemporary Philosophy

PHIL 491(F)-W030 Senior Essay

PHIL 493(F)-W031-494(S) Senior Thesis

PHIL 497(F), 498(S) Independent Study