REL 101(F,S) Introduction to Religion

REL 201 The Jewish Bible (Not offered 1997-98)

REL 203(S) Introduction to Judaism (Same as Classics 203)

REL 204 Modern Jewish Thought (Not offered 1997-98)

REL 207 Biblical Interpretation in Classical Antiquity (Same as Classics 207)

REL 208 The Hellenistic World and the Emergence of Rabbinic Judaism (Same as Classics 208) (Not offered 1997-98)

REL 211(F) Paul and the Beginnings of Christianity

REL 212(S) The Development of Christianity: 100-451

REL 213(F) The Bible, Ethics, and Sexuality

REL 214 Christian Tradition (Not offered 1997-98)

REL 215(F) Pagans and Christians, 100-600 (Same as Classics 323 and History 323)

REL 217(F) Early Middle Ages (Same as History 203)

REL 218(S) The Later Middle Ages (Same as History 204)

REL 219 Reformation, Renewal, Reaction: The Reshaping of Christianity in Early Modern Europe (Same as History 302) (Not offered 1997-98)

REL 220(F) Orthodoxy, State and Society in Modern Russia (Same as History 330)

REL 225 Afro-American Religious History (Same as History 303) (Not offered 1997-98)*

REL 226 Twentieth-Century American Religious Movements (Same as History 375) (Not offered 1997-98)

REL 231 The Origins of Islam: God, Empire and Apocalypse (Same as History 275) (Not offered 1997-98)*

REL 232(S) Women and Islam (Same as History 278)*

REL 233 Islamic Mysticism: The Sufis (Not offered 1997-98; to be offered 1998-99)*

REL 234(F) Religion and Revolution in Iran (Same as History 363 and African and Middle Eastern Studies 401)*

REL 241 Hinduism: Construction of a Tradition (Not offered 1997-98; to be offered 1998-99)*

REL 242(S) Buddhism: Concepts and Practices*

REL 244 Knowledge and Reality in Indian Thought (Same as Philosophy 238) (Not offered 1997-98)*

REL 251 Technologies of No-Self: Buddhist Meditation in East Asia (Not offered 1997-98; to be offered 1998-99)*

REL 252(F) The Body Religious in Chinese Culture*

REL 254 Religion and Culture in Contemporary Japan (Not offered 1997-98)*

REL 256(S) Inventing Japan: Religion, Power, and Cultural Identity*

REL 272 The Dying, Dead and Mourning Self (Not offered 1997-98)

REL 273(F) Sacred Geographies (Same as Anthropology 273 and EXPR 273)*

REL 274(S) Women's Religious Experiences in the Ancient Mediterranean World (Same as Classics 274)

REL 275 Identity and Cultural Difference in Greco-Roman Egypt (Same as Classics 275) (Not offered 1997-98)

REL 276(S) Greek Religion: Between the Cunning of Reason and the Uncanniness of Common Human Acts (Same as Classics 276)

REL 278T Two Premodern Philosophies of History (Not offered 1997-98)

REL 283 Introduction to the Semiotics of Culture (Not offered 1997-98)

REL 286(S) Reason and Revelation: Philosophy of Religion from Leibniz to Kierkegaard (Same as Philosophy 310)

REL 287(F) Inhabiting Nature: Religious, Philosophical and Sociological Perspectives (Same as Environmental Studies 287)

REL 288(S) Religion and the Production of Knowledge

REL 301(F) Psychology of Religion

REL 302/302T(S) Religion and Society

REL 304(F) From Hermeneutics to Post-Coloniality*

REL 401(F)-402(S) Issues in the Study of Religion

REL 493(F)-W031; W031-494(S) Senior Thesis

REL 497(F), 498(S) Independent Study