BIOL 101(F) The Cell

BIOL 102(S) The Organism

BIOL 104(S) The Organism: Special Laboratory

BIOL 132(F) Human Biology and Social Issues

BIOL 134(S) The Tropics: Biology and Social Issues (Same as Environmental Studies 134)*

BIOL 202(F) Genetics

BIOL 203(F) Ecology (Same as Environmental Studies 203)

BIOL 204(F) Animal Behavior

BIOL 205(S) Physiology

BIOL 211(S) Invertebrate Paleobiology (Same as Geosciences 212)

BIOL 212(F) Introduction to Neuroscience (Same as Psychology 212 and Neuroscience 201)

BIOL 220(S) Field Botany and Plant Natural History (Same as Environmental Studies 220)

BIOL 231(F,S) Marine Ecology (Same as American Maritime Studies 311) (Offered only at Mystic Seaport.)

BIOL 301(F) Developmental Biology

BIOL 302(F) Communities and Ecosystems (Same as Environmental Studies 312)

BIOL 304(S) Neurobiology

BIOL 305(F) Evolution

BIOL 306(S) Advanced Molecular Genetics

BIOL 308(S) Plant Growth and Development

BIOL 309(F) Mammalian Molecular Physiology

BIOL 313(S) Immunology

BIOL 314(S) Virology

BIOL 321(F) Biochemistry I-Structure and Function of Biological Molecules (Same as Chemistry 321 and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 321)

BIOL 322(S) Biochemistry II-Metabolism (Same as Chemistry 322 and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 322)

BIOL 401T Human Impacts on Succession (Same as Environmental Studies 401T) (Not offered 1998-99)

BIOL 402T(S) Current Issues in Ecology (Same as Environmental Studies 404T)

BIOL 410(S) Topics in Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology

BIOL 411 Plasticity in the Nervous System (Not offered 1998-99; to be offered 1999-2000)

BIOL 412(F) Biochemical Regulatory Mechanisms

BIOL 493(F)-W031-494(S) Senior Thesis

BIOL 397(F), 398(S) Independent Study-Junior year

BIOL 497(F), 498(S) Independent Study-Senior year