CHEM 113(F) Chemistry and Crime: From Sherlock Holmes to Modern Forensic Science

CHEM 115(S) AIDS: The Disease and Search for a Cure

CHEM 101(F), 102(S) Concepts of Chemistry

CHEM 103(F)-104(S) Concepts of Chemistry: Advanced Section

CHEM 106(S) Concepts of Chemistry - Special Laboratory Section

CHEM 108(S) Concepts of Chemistry: Advanced Section - Special Laboratory Section

CHEM 201(F)-202(S) Organic Chemistry

CHEM 301(F) Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics

CHEM 302(S) Physical Chemistry: Structure and Dynamics

CHEM 303(F) Synthetic Organic Chemistry

CHEM 304(F) Instrumental Methods of Analysis (Same as Environmental Studies 304)

CHEM 305(F) Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry

CHEM 306(S) Physical Chemistry: A Biochemical Approach

CHEM 308(S) Toxicology and Cancer (Same as Environmental Studies 328)

CHEM 310(S) Enzyme Kinetics and Reaction Mechanisms

CHEM 311 Physical Organic Chemistry (Not offered 1998-99)

CHEM 312T(F) Heterocyclic Chemistry

CHEM 313 Polymers and Materials (Not offered 1998-99)

CHEM 314T(S) A Theoretical Approach to Biological Phenomena

CHEM 321(F) Biochemistry I-Structure and Function of Biological Molecules (Same as Biology 321 and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 321)

CHEM 322(S) Biochemistry II-Metabolism (Same as Biology 322 and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 322)

CHEM 401(F) Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Spectroscopy

CHEM 393(F), 394(S) Junior Research and Thesis

CHEM 493(F)-W031-494(S) Senior Research and Thesis

CHEM 397(F), 398(S) Independent Study, for Juniors

CHEM 497(F), 498(S) Independent Study, for Seniors