ENGL 101(F) Techniques of Reading

ENGL 101(S) Techniques of Reading

ENGL 103(F) Expository Writing

ENGL 103(S) Expository Writing

ENGL 109(F) Blinding Knowledge: The Humanities Reconsidered (Same as Philosophy 109)

ENGL 201(F,S) Shakespeare's Major Plays

ENGL 202(S) Modern Drama

ENGL 204(F) The Feature Film

ENGL 205(F) The Art of Poetry

ENGL 209(F) American Literature: Origins to 1865

ENGL 210(S) American Literature: 1865-Present

ENGL 216(S) Introduction to the Novel

ENGL 218(S) Introduction to U.S. Latina and Latino Writing*

ENGL 219(F) Introduction to Literature by Women (Same as Women's and Gender Studies 219)

ENGL 220(S) Introduction to African-American Writing*

ENGL 230(S) Introduction to Literary Theory

ENGL 231T(F,S) Literature of the Sea (Same as American Maritime Studies 231T) (Offered only at Mystic Seaport.)

ENGL 301(F) Middle Ages through the Renaissance

ENGL 302(S) Restoration through the Nineteenth Century

ENGL 304(S) Dante (Same as Literary Studies 317)

ENGL 305 Chaucer (Not offered 1998-99; to be offered 1999-2000)

ENGL 307(F) Arthurian Literature

ENGL 315 The Poetry of Milton (Not offered 1998-99; to be offered 1999-2000)

ENGL 316(S) The Art of Courtship

ENGL 320 Global Shakespeare (Not offered 1998-99; to be offered 1999-2000)

ENGL 321 Samuel Johnson and the Literary Tradition (Not offered 1998-99; to be offered 1999-2000)

ENGL 324(F) Autobiography and Novel, 1660-1800

ENGL 326(S) Restoration Comedy in Context (Same as Theatre 314)

ENGL 329(S) British Romanticism: The Second Generation

ENGL 331 British Romanticism: The First Generation (Not offered 1998-99; to be offered 1999-2000)

ENGL 333(S) Nineteenth-Century English Novel

ENGL 335(F) Charles Dickens

ENGL 338(S) Literature of the American Renaissance

ENGL 341(F) American Genders, American Sexualities

ENGL 342 Postcolonial Literature (Not offered 1998-99; to be offered 1999-2000)*

ENGL 343(F) Images of the City: Urban Spectacle in English Literature

ENGL 347T(S) Henry James

ENGL 350(S) Reading Wright to Morrison*

ENGL 351(S) American Poetry

ENGL 353(F) Modern Poetry

ENGL 354(F) Contemporary American Poetry

ENGL 357(F) Contemporary American Fiction

ENGL 359(F) Black South African Literature of the Protest Period*

ENGL 360 James Joyce (Not offered 1998-99; to be offered 1999-2000)

ENGL 361 Nabokov and Pynchon (Not offered 1998-99; to be offered 1999-2000)

ENGL 365(F) Studies in Dramatic Literature: Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter (Same as Theatre 313)

ENGL 366(S) Modern British Fiction

ENGL 370(S) Truth and Lives (Same as Literary Studies 370)

ENGL 371(S) Feminist Theory and the Representation of Women in Film

ENGL 373(F) Modern Critical Theory

ENGL 375(S) After the Ashes: Modern, Post-modern, Post-Colonial, Contemporary

ENGL 376(S) Documentary Technologies (Same as ArtS 384)

ENGL 377(S) Suicides and Survivors

ENGL 389 The Fiction of Virginia Woolf (Not offered 1998-99)

ENGL 397(F), 398(S) Independent Study

ENGL 497(F), 498(S) Honors Independent Study

ENGL 311(S) Studies in Shakespeare: Comedy (Same as Theatre 317)

ENGL 317(F) Literary History

ENGL 328(S) Jane Austen and George Eliot

ENGL 348(S) Sentimentalism and Realism: The Nineteenth-Century American Novel

ENGL 349(S) American Modernism of the 1920s

ENGL 355(F) Theorizing Whiteness (Same as Literary Studies 355)*

ENGL 281(F,S) The Writing of Poetry

ENGL 283(F,S) Introductory Workshop in Fiction

ENGL 382(S) Advanced Workshop in Poetry

ENGL 384(S) Advanced Workshop in Fiction