GERM 101(F)-W088-102(S) Elementary German

GERM 103(F) Intermediate German

GERM 104(S) Advanced German

GERM 109(F) Berlin-Multicultural Metropolis Between East and West

GERM 202(S) Introduction to German Studies

GERM 204(S) From Goethe to Kafka

GERM 208 The American Experience of Germany, 1865-1917 (Not offered 1998-99)

GERM 210 Advanced German Stylistics  (THIS COURSE HAS BEEN CANCELLED)

GERM 301 Families (Not offered 1998-99)

GERM 302(S) Growing Up Under the Nazis: Remembering as Revision

GERM 303(F) Politics and Art in the Weimar Republic

GERM 305 Germany: From the Student Revolution to the Fall of the Wall (Not offered 1998-99)

GERM 307 The Dialectic of Enlightenment: German Drama 1765-1830 (Not offered 1998-99)

GERM 493(F)-W031-494(S) Senior Thesis

GERM 497(F), 498(S) Independent Study

GERM 501(F)-502(S) (101-102) Elementary German

GERM 509(F) Readings in German Art History and Criticism