Leadership Studies Website


Chair, Professor GEORGE R. GOETHALS

Advisory Committee: Professors: ART, BUCKY, COOK, DUNN, G. GOETHALS*, S. GRAVER, HOPPIN, JACKALL, PASACHOFF. Associate Professor: CHRISTENSEN. Assistant Professor: REEVES*. Lecturer: ENGEL.

Courses in Leadership Studies explore the phenomena of leadership in a wide range of historical, cultural, organizational and intellectual domains. The field of Leadership Studies recognizes that leading and following are basic elements of interpersonal relationship and social organization, encountered in all groups. While courses in this cluster may provide practical insights into leadership, their principal purpose is to challenge students to appreciate the complex social, psychological, ethical, and aesthetic issues facing leaders of many kinds. These questions of leadership are studied so that throughout their lives students may bring increased wisdom concerning this pervasive phenomenon not only to their leadership roles but also to their varied engagements in tomorrow's complex world.

Students are encouraged to discuss their interest in Leadership Studies with the chair. Students can complete the recommended Leadership Studies curriculum by taking two of the "Cluster Courses" listed below, two Leadership Studies electives, also listed below, and LEAD 402, Topics in Leadership.

Cluster Courses

ANSO 352 Following the Leader: Charisma, Tradition and Bureaucracy Jackall

ArtH 351 The Modern Art World: The Challenge of Leadership in the Midst of Chaos
Mathews and L. Shearer

English 378 The Artist in Society S. Graver

French 212 Sister Revolutions in France and America Dunn

History 356 Modern Warfare and Military Leadership Wood

Political Science 218 Presidential Politics Cook

Psychology 342 Psychology of Leadership G. Goethals

Leadership Studies Electives

Economics 208 Modern Corporate Industry Bradburd

Environmental Studies 302 Environmental Planning and Analysis Workshop

Art and R. Bolton

History 110 The Mao Cult Reeves

History 313 The Rise of American Business R. Dalzell

History 315 The Civil Rights Movement (Deleted 1999-2000) Dickerson

History 318 The Black Radical Tradition in America Wilder

History 353 Nazi Germany Kohut

History 360 Civil War and Reconstruction Dew

Music 133 Men, Women, and Pianos Bloxam

Music 137 Great Conductors/Great Orchestras K. C. Roberts

Political Science 213 Theory and Practice of Civil Rights Protest A. Willingham

Political Science 230 American Political Thought Reinhardt

Political Science 310/Psychology 345 Political Psychology Marcus

Political Science 344 Rebels and Revolution in Latin America Mahon

Religion 211 Paul and the Beginnings of Christianity Buell

Religion 290 Power and Transgression Rambelli

Women's and Gender Studies/ArtS 306 Practicing Feminism:
A Study of Political Activism (Deleted 1999-2000) Diggs