LIT 111(F) Introduction to Cultural Studies: Traveling Fictions-Encountering the Other Through Tourism, Time Travel, Exile

LIT 202(S) Literary Genres: The Nature of Narrative

LIT 203(S) Literary Movements: European Modernism: Modernity and Its Discontents

LIT 205(F) Literature and Theory: Literature and Psychoanalysis

LIT 207 (formerly 213) Poetry of Being/The Being of Poetry (Not offered 1999-2000)

LIT 215 The Latin-American Novel in Translation (Same as Spanish 205) (Not offered 1999-2000)*

LIT 224 Greek Literature and Myth (Same as Classics 104) (Not offered 1999-2000)

LIT 234 Post-Mao Literature and Culture (Same as Chinese 234) (Not offered 1999-2000)*

LIT 275(F) China's Greatest Novel (Same as Chinese 275)*

LIT 317(S) Dante (Same as English 304)

LIT 355(F) Theorizing Whiteness (Same as American Studies 403 and English 355)*

LIT 397(F), 398(S) Independent Study

LIT 402(S) Issues in Literary Theory: Philosophy and Literature

LIT 493(F)-W031, W031-494(S) Senior Thesis