There are a number of significant areas of studies in which Williams offers many relevant courses, yet no formal program. To alert students to the opportunity for integrating courses from diverse disciplines into a focus area and to encourage them to do so, the courses in this section are organized as lists of topic-related courses. For their full descriptions, see the respective departmental sections.

Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Studies

Gay, lesbian, and bisexual studies focuses on the social construction of sexuality, past and present. Although, at present, Williams does not have a formal concentration in gay, lesbian, and bisexual studies, the College offers a number of courses which examine how social, cultural, and political institutions shape sexualities, as well as the responses and resistances thereto, through a variety of texts and contexts. The following courses include significant components on gay, lesbian, and bisexual studies (at least two weeks out of the semester).

Classics/History 216 Greek History

Classics/History 239 Women in Greece and Rome

English 341 American Genders, American Sexualities

Greek 403 Greek Lyric Poetry

History 316 Class, Gender, and Race in Post-1945 Britain

History/Women's and Gender Studies 324 Women in the United States Since 1870

History/Women's and Gender Studies 344 The History of Sexuality in America

History 346 Masculinity: History and Theory

History 352 History and the Body

Philosophy 327 Foucault: Gender, Power, and the Body

Religion 232/History 278 Women and Islam

Sociology 210 The Construction of Social Problems

Theatre 101 Introduction to Theatre

Women's and Gender Studies 101 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

Women's and Gender Studies 402 Chickflicks: The Women's Movement and Cinefeminism

Medieval Studies

ArtH 232 Italian Art: 1300-1500

ArtH 233 Italian Art: 1500-1600

Classics 101 Greek and Roman Epic

Classics 103/Theatre 311 Greek and Roman Drama

Classics/ArtH 213 Greek Art and Myth

Classics/History 216 Greek History

Classics/History 218 Roman History

English 301 The Middle Ages through the Renaissance (Deleted 1999-2000)

English 304/Literary Studies 317 Dante

English 305 Chaucer

History 119 Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? (Deleted 1999-2000)

History 203/Religion 217 The Early Middle Ages

History 204/Religion 218 The Later Middle Ages

History 310 Women in the Traditional West: Ideal and Reality (Deleted 1999-2000)

History/Classics 323/Religion 215 Pagans and Christians, 100-600 (Deleted 1999-2000)

History 377 Issues of Church and State in the Traditional West (Deleted 1999-2000)

Literary Studies 302/French 308 Origins and Originalities: Literary Masterpieces of the Renaissance (Deleted 1999-2000)

Mathematics 381 History of Mathematics

Political Science/Philosophy 231 Ancient Political Thought

Religion/Classics 203 Introduction to Judaism

Religion 211 Paul and the Beginnings of Christianity

Political and Economic Philosophy

Economics 354 Perspectives on Economic Theory

Philosophy 101 Introduction to Moral and Political Philosophy

Political Economy/Economics 301/Political Science 333 Analytical Views of Political Economy

Political Science 203 (formerly 130) Justice: Introduction to Political Theory

Political Science 204 (formerly 140) Introduction to Comparative Politics: The Powers of Nationalism

Political Science/Philosophy 231 Ancient Political Thought

Sociology 101 Invitation to Sociology

International and Global Studies

ANSO 387 Seminar: Propaganda

Anthropology 101 The Scope of Anthropology

Anthropology/Environmental Studies 209 Human Ecology

Anthropology 342 Anthropology of Law: Order and Conflict

Economics 204/Environmental Studies 234 Economic Development in Poor Countries

Economics 215 The World Economy

Environmental Studies 101 Humans in the Landscape

Environmental Studies/Biology 203 Ecology

History 333 United States Foreign Relations to 1920 (Deleted 1999-2000)

History 334 United States Foreign Relations Since 1920 (Deleted 1999-2000)

History 351 Slavery, Capitalism, and Revolution: The Impact of the New World on Europe, 1700-1900

History 356 Modern Warfare and Military Leadership

History of Science/Science and Technology Studies 101 Science, Technology, and Human Values

History of Science 216 Gender, Science, and Technology

History of Science 305 Technology and Culture

Music 125 Music Cultures of the World

Political Science 202 (formerly 120) World Politics: An Introduction to International Relations

Political Science 204 (formerly 140) Introduction to Comparative Politics: The Powers of Nationalism

Religion 101 Introduction to Religion

Religion 234/History 363/AMES 401 Religion and Revolution in Iran

Sociology 101 Invitation to Sociology

Sociology 203 Social Inequality