THEA 101(F) Introduction to Theatre

THEA 102(S) Introduction to Technical Theatre

THEA 201(F) The Design Response

THEA 202(S) Historical Issues in Stage Design

THEA 203(S) Interpretation and Performance I

THEA 204(F) Interpretation and Performance II

THEA 210 Multicultural Performance (Not offered 1999-2000)*

THEA 211(S) Topics in African-American Performance: Theatre, Film and Dance of the Harlem Renaissance (Same as American Studies 211)*

THEA 213T(F) Paul Robeson: Visible Man*+

THEA 216(S) Musical Theatre Workshop: Collaboration and Performance (Same as Music 224)

THEA 302 Scenic Design (Not offered 1999-2000)

THEA 303(S) Stage Lighting

THEA 305(F) Costume Design

THEA 306(S) Advanced Acting

THEA 307 Stage Direction (Not offered 1999-2000)

THEA 308(F) Directing Workshop

THEA 310T Sited, Scripted Public Acts (Not offered 1999-2000)

THEA 311(F) Greek and Roman Drama (Same as Classics 103)

THEA 313 Studies in Dramatic Literature: Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter (Same as English 365) (Not offered 1999-2000; to be offered 2000-2001)

THEA 315(F) Renaissance Drama (Same as English 314)

THEA 317(S) Studies in Shakespeare: Problem Plays and Problem Poems (Same as English 311)

THEA 322T(S) Performance Criticism+

THEA 323 Theatre of Images (Not offered 1999-2000)

THEA 397(F), 398(S) Independent Study

THEA 401(F) Seminar for Senior Majors

THEA 491(F), 492(S) Senior Production

THEA 493(F), 494(S) Senior Thesis