WGST 101(F) Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies

WGST 203 Gender in Economic Analysis (Same as Economics 203) (Not offered 1999-2000)

WGST 219(F) Introduction to Literature by Women (Same as English 219)

WGST 223 Gender and Economic Development (Same as Economics 223 and Environmental Studies 223) (Not offered 1999-2000)*

WGST 237 Sex, Gender, and Political Theory (Same as Political Science 237) (Not offered 1999-2000; to be offered 2000-2001)

WGST 282(S) Feminist Approaches to Religion (Same as Religion 282)

WGST 308(S) Gendering Social Movements and Organizations

WGST 310(F) Feminism, Race, and Culture: Women of Color and the Politics of Representation*

WGST 324 Women in the United States Since 1870 (Same as History 324) (Not offered 1999-2000)

WGST 344(F) The History of Sexuality in America (Same as History 344)

WGST 346(S) Women of Color in the U.S.: Public and Private Cultures (Same as American Studies 346 and English 346)*

WGST 402(S) Chickflicks: The Women's Movement and Cinefeminism+

WGST 491(F)-W030, W030-492(S) Honors Project

WGST 493(F)-W031, W031-494(S) Senior Thesis

WGST 497(F), 498(S) Independent Study