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Checking a Course for Gaudino Grading Option

Whether the Gaudino grading option can be used for a particular course is available:

  • In the online catalog description
  • In the PeopleSoft Class Search

Students should check any course being considered for the Gaudino grading option before enrolling in the course.

Online Catalog Information

Drill down through the catalog links to the full course description. Under the 'Additional Information' section, there will be an indication if the course is not available for the Gaudino option and/or if the course cannot be taken on a pass/fail basis. If there is no mention of the Gaudino option in the 'Additional Information', the course will be available for the Gaudino grading option.

Students Class Search in PeopleSoft

By drilling down to class details in the Class Search either using the class search directly or in the Add Classes or Swap Classes process, you can see what grading options are available for a course.

Class Search Results

Click the link class section hyperlink next to Section to drill down to Class Details.

Class Details

Check grading options under Grading.

You may see:

Graded,Gaudino,Pass/Fail or Graded or Gaudino or Graded or Pass/Fail or Graded.

Only the first two of these grading options allows a course to be designated as Gaudino.

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