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Pass/Fail Option

Pass/fail is no longer linked specifically to 'extra courses'. The policy details are available under the Academic Standard and Regulations link.

You may not designate the pass/fail option during drop/add. The option will be available between the third and tenth week of classes. You really want to wait until you have graded feedback in all your courses before you consider designating one as pass/fail. There is an online form to designate the pass/fail option, due no later than Friday, November 18.

Highlights of the new policy:

  • You may take up to three courses on a pass/fail basis over your four years, with no more than one course in a given semester.
  • Designation of the pass/fail option will be available between the third and tenth week of the semester. (Designation will be by submission of a request form, not through PeopleSoft.)
  • Courses taken pass-fail as part of a four-course load or as a fifth course to make up a course deficiency will count toward graduation; courses taken pass-fail as an extra course will not count toward graduation.
  • Courses taken pass-fail cannot subsequently be used to fulfill distributional requirements (divisional, W, Q, and EDI).
  • Courses taken pass/fail cannot count toward a major, certificate, or concentration unless this course is the first one taken toward that credential.

You can check course descriptions in the online catalog to see if the pass/fail option will be available for a particular course. Drill down through the catalog links to the full course description. Under the 'Additional Info' or 'Additional Info 2' sections, there will be an indication if the course is not available for the Fifth Course option and/or if the course cannot be taken on a pass/fail basis.

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If there is no mention of the pass/fail basis in the 'Additional Information', the course will be available to be designated as pass/fail.

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