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Before You Preregister online

Before you begin entering your course selections online, please:

1. Take time to read through Choosing Your First Year Courses.

  • 'Tips When Choosing Courses' includes really good advice you should have in mind as you select courses
  • 'Rules and Regulations' describes the core academic requirements along with placement information
  • The link to Department and Program Descriptions includes information from each department on courses available for first-year students; browse through this for the subjects that interest you.

2.   Browse through the Online Catalog.

  • Use the main menu links to drill down to specific subject areas.  At the next level, use the links to view courses offered fall, spring, not offered this year, etc.
  • Drilling down to the next level for courses offered this year:
    • Fall courses are tagged as (F); Spring courses are tagged as (S).
    • Each course will have one or more primary sections labeled as lecture (LEC), seminar (SEM), studio (STU), tutorial (TUT) or independent study (IND) (independent studies are generally not available to first-year students). If a course has multiple sections, you should register for the section you prefer. 
    • Some courses also have a required conference (CON) and/or lab (LAB). If there are multiple sections, you should sign up for the conference and/or lab section that you prefer. The enrollments of all multi-sectioned courses will be balanced later, so you may not get the section, conference or lab you request, but it is better to specify your preference(s) since we do try to accommodate those requests.
  • Use the subject/course number link to drill down to course descriptions and read each carefully.
    • Enrollment Limit and Expected Enrollment give you an idea of the class size.  If a course has an enrollment limit, don’t hesitate to preregister for it, but you should think about alternatives in case you don’t get the course.
    • Enrollment Preference tells you what students will be given priority for spaces if the course overenrolls.  It also gives you an idea of the level of the course; e.g., if a course gives priority to juniors and seniors, it may be too high a level for you unless you have a strong background in the subject.
    • Divisional Attributes tells you how the course will count toward the distribution requirements.  Distribution Notes clarify how a cross-listed course may count differently towards divisional distribution requirements, depending on how you register for the course.
    • Prerequisites should be taken seriously; you don’t want to enroll in a course for which you don’t have the background.  You may have prerequisite equivalents from AP, IB or A-Level.  If you have taken college-level course-work that may be equivalent to a prerequisite, compare the prerequisite course’s description with the course you took.
    • Requirements/Evaluation gives you an idea of the assignments for the class; a good guideline is to select courses with different types of assignments to balance your workload.
    • There are many cross-listed courses.  Think about how you want to use the course.  If you are considering a specific major or concentration, it may be better of register for a cross-listed course under that listing.  Or if you intend to use a course to meet division distribution requirement, see the note above regarding Divisional Attributes.
    • The online catalog search will help you find courses meeting specific criteria. 
  • The Class Hour Directory  is another view of courses that gives a quick browse for offerings and times.  This links back to the online catalog for specific courses.
  • The Class Hour Grid may be helpful in mapping out your course schedule.

3. Talk to your academic advisor.

  • Your assigned advisor should contact you in late-May or early June. After talking with your advisor, you may want to review information in Choosing First-Year Courses and in the Online Catalog again.

Now you are ready to enter your course choices for the fall semester online in the Student Records system (aka PeopleSoft).  The deadline for preregistration is June 19.


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