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Student Information Form

Please complete all sections of the Student Information Form in PeopleSoft. The form can be accessed from the First-Year Forms Guide that pops up on your first logins or outside the guide you can navigate Self Service > Williams First Days > Student Information Form.

  • verify/update your Social Security Number and birthdate.
  • indicate your interest in pre-health (medical, dental, veterinary) or pre-engineering programs
  • click the checkbox to confirm that you have reviewed your information and updated as necessary
  • update your full legal name and click to confirm

student info form

SSN and birthdate - these are important elements for enrollment verifications to loan and insurance agencies (and eventually to prospective employers) and required for the 1098T tax forms. Please review our data and update if necessary. The SSN information is secure within the PeopleSoft system. If you do not have a U.S. social security number, leave the information blank.

Interest in pre-professional programs - if you check either pre-health professions or pre-engineering, you will receive campus mailings from the pre-professional program advisors. There will be information for these programs included in the First Days academic information sessions.

Verify/Update your full legal name as needed. Only a limited number of offices will have access to your full legal name.


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