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Menus and Navigation

When you first log in to PeopleSoft, guides for activating the First Days Email and User ID Guide will appear. You should activate your e-mail account promptly.

Once you complete the first Guide, the First Year Forms Guide will appear on your next login. When you complete these, or exit the guides, the Student Center will next appear.

Click the Home link in the upper right menu bar or Self Service on the left menu bar to display a full menu of Self-Service links.

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Clicking the arrows next to each link on the left will open up additional links.


You can navigate using links on the left or on the right. If you click the Self Service link on the left, the initial menu returns.

This Self Service menu gives you all the links you need for your initial first-year information. You should:

  • Review your Addresses and Phone Numbers and update if necessary
  • Review and update your parent's information under the Emergency Contact and Parent/Guardian links
  • Update any of the completed First Days forms if necessary under the Williams First Days Menu
  • Enter your initial course selections in the Enrollment Shopping Cart - Read Choosing Your First Year Courses and browse the Online Catalog before entering your courses in PeopleSoft

The Student Center link will become more useful once we have collected initial information and loaded your course registrations into PeopleSoft.



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