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Class Search

The best place initially to search for classes is in the Online Catalog 2017-2018. You should have a good idea of what classes you are interested in before you log in to PeopleSoft to enter your Shopping Cart Courses.

In PeopleSoft you can search for classes

  • from the search for classes button on the Student Center, or
  • from the Search tab on the Academic Planning/Enrollment Shopping Cart pages, plan tabs, or
  • from the Class Search link under the Class Search/Browse Catalog submenu, or
  • during the first step of adding a class to your Shopping Cart , shopping cart .

Starting from the Search tab on the Academic Planning pages,


The term should default to Fall 2017.

You must add at least 1 criteria for the search, most useful is Subject or Subject and Course Number. Click the arrow in additional criteria for more criteria.

additional criteria

The Online Catalog search give a fuller set of criteria for search.

After selecting your criteria, click search.

search results

Class Search results list meeting times and rooms, instructors, and open open or closed closed status (all courses are open during preregistration). To check prerequisites or distribution attributes, click the section link section link.

class details

Prerequisites (Enrollment Requirements) are not enforced during the first pass of first-year preregistration, but take note of any prerequisites listed to be sure that you have the appropriate background. Please check prerequisites in the website course description also; not all prerequisites are enforced in PeopleSoft, but should be noted if listed in the course description.

The Class Attributes list how the course will count toward the college distribution requirements. The course in this example will fulfill both a Division 2 and QFR course requirement.

You can also search for classes from the Shopping Cart. (Plan tab of the Shopping Cart/Enrollment pages)

plan tabs

or navigate Self Service > Academic Planning > Shopping Cart.

shopping cart

Click search and search on criteria as described above.

search results

Click the section link section linkto check for prerequisites and class attributes. Click select to select the section to add to your Shopping Cart.

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