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Registration Timeline for Faculty Spring 2017

Monday, October 31 – Monday, November 7 Students will preregister in PeopleSoft

  • There are no enrollment caps or instructor consent flags on courses at this point.
  • Faculty can check the progress of enrollments and class rosters using the PeopleSoft Faculty Center or the queries under Queries and Forms.

November 8 – November 14 - Preregistration review by departments

  • Department chairs review preregistration demand. Some courses may be cancelled, some meeting times may be changed or extra sections may be added for high demand courses.
  • Multi-sectioned courses will be balanced (first pass)

Monday, November 14 – Monday, December 12 - Instructor review of course enrollments

  • Enrollment caps have been set on courses at this point.
  • Instructors with overenrolled courses will receive class lists from the Registrar’s Office for review and selection of students.  Any student dropped from overenrolled courses will be notified by e-mail.  This review of overenrolled courses must be completed by December 14.  Except for placement or prerequisite issues, it is not appropriate to drop students from courses after this point.
  • Instructor consent flags are set on overenrolled courses when students are dropped.
  • Department chairs or individual instructors may request an instructor consent flag on other courses, where it seems appropriate.

Tuesday, January 3 - Sunday, January 15 - Registration is open in PeopleSoft

  • Registration will open to students dropped from overenrolled or cancelled courses on 1/3; registration will open to all students on 1/10.
  • Students will receive an e-mail just prior to re-opening registration indicating that their current enrollment is secure. No further drops may be made by instructors, except for placement or prerequisite issues.
  • Students may make changes to registration within the constraints of any enrollment caps and instructor consent flags set.  Students may be contacting instructors with closed or instructor consent courses asking to be on waitlists.

January 16 – January 29- Registration is closed in PeopleSoft

  • Multi-sectioned courses are balanced (second pass)
  • Lab and conference enrollment caps are set where needed to control balance; virtual sections are created.

Monday evening, January 31 – Friday, February 10 - PeopleSoft is open for Drop/add

  • Students may make registration changes online within the constraints of any enrollment caps and instructor consent flags set.
  • Students will be contacting instructors with closed or instructor consent courses for permission to add courses.
  • First class meetings are on Wednesday, February 3 or Friday, February 5; organizational meetings will be on Wednesday evening, February 3 for classes that do not normally meet Thursday or Friday.

Monday, April 24 Preregistration for Fall 2017 will begin

If you have any questions concerning this Registration Timeline, please email or call the Registrar’s Office at extension 4286.

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