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Add Classes

  • navigate through the Student Center for quick access to hold and registration time information before you try adding classes; Main Menu > Self Service > Student Center, review information under sc holds and sc enroll dates, then click on the Enroll link under Academics;or
  • navigate Main Menu > Self Service > Enrollment > Enrollment: Add Classes.

Adding classes is a three step process. Make sure you go through all three steps. If you stop at step 1, you have not added the class; check your class schedule after step 3 to confirm that you are enrolled.

add shopping cart

Check the default term to make sure you are in the correct term. If multiple terms are open for registration, you may need to click the change term button and select another term.

If prior enrollment requests are in the Shopping Cart and you don't want to submit them again, delete by clicking the trashcan next to the course.

You can search for classes by clicking search or enter a class number and click enter.

add class detail

When searching, all available sections meeting the criteria will display.

Click select for the class section wanted.

For a single component class, the next page will be Enrollment Preferences.

**If adding a lab or conference course, you can enroll through either the lecture or lab/conference section. The shorter route for most courses is to enroll through the lab or conference section; for most courses you will be automatically enrolled in the lecture section.

add component

Click next to proceed to the Enrollment Preferences page.

**If you select the lecture component from the class search list, or for multi-lecture/multi-lab or -conference courses, you will need to select a related section.

add related section

Click the select button left of the section wanted, then click next to proceed to the Enrollment Preferences page. (For a single lecture course, you may loop back through the Related Section page).

add enr pref

During drop/add, you can designate a fifth extra-graded course at this page. Otherwise, just confirm your selection and click next.

add shopping cart

You can select additional classes to add or submit this request. To submit, click proceed.

confirm add

Confirm your request again and click finish enrolling.

add results

Check for Success success or Errors error.

If you see errors, read the message. If this is something you can fix, such as a time conflict or hold, the class section is still in your Shopping Cart on the initial Add Classes page, so you can re-submit it after you have resolved the problem. If the error is not something you can resolve online, such as prerequisites, course closed or instructor consent, it is best to delete the class from your Shopping Cart by clicking the trashcan. If you don't understand the error message, leave the class in your Shopping Cart and ask the Registrar's Office for help (

Click class schedule and review your class schedule as a final check to confirm your enrollment.

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