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Designating a Course as Gaudino Grading

You may designate one of your courses as Gaudino grading during the drop/add period in September or February, beginning with the second semester of your first-year and ending with the first semester of your senior year. If you are taking a fifth course, you cannot designate the same course as both pass/fail and Gaudino. The Gaudino option is not available during preregistration.

Please note: you are limited to one Gaudino course per semester and a total of two over your undergraduate career. PeopleSoft will not enforce this limit, but the Registrar's Office will.

You can change a course to Gaudino grading at the same time as adding the course, or you can change the grading basis after you have enrolled in courses. 

When adding or swapping a class, the Enrollment Preferences page appears after selecting the class section from search or entering the class number.

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Click the dropdown Grading dropdown, click Gaudino and then click Next to proceed with addihg the course. If the Grading dropdown dropdown is not available on the Enrollment Preferences page, or if the dropdown includes only Graded and Pass/Fail options, the course cannot be taken on a Gaudino basis.

You can also change a course to Gaudino grading after you have enrolled and you can change a course designated as Gaudino back to graded. Navigate to the Enrollment pages and click the edit tab. Navigation through the Student Center gives you quick access to hold and registration time information before you try editting classes, or you can navigate directly through the enrollment links on the left menu and/or main menu.

The term may default or you may first need to select the term you want. If the term defaults to the incorrect term, you can click the changeterm button to select another term.

Edit Class Enrollment Options

Select the course to designate Gaudino from the dropdown under Classes you are allowed to edit, then click proceed step 2. If you have selected a lab or conference course, you may next see a message that you will be automatically enrolled in the lecture section. Click next

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Select Gaudino from the Grading dropdown and click Next.

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Click Finish Editing

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and check for Success (green check mark) or Errors (red X mark).

You are limited to one course designated as Gaudino per semester, with a total of two over your career.  Until the end of drop/add you can switch which course is Gaudino grading by updating the grading options as above. 

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