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Menus and Navigation

The Self Service main menu will appear after you log in.

opening menu

To navigate, you can click links on the left to open up submenus, or you can click on the links available under the main menu display. If you become lost, click the Self-Service link in the left menu bar to return to the Main Menu.

For example, you can navigate to add classes in a number of ways.

Student Center

Navigating through the Student Center provides access to check holds and registration times before trying to add a class. To navigate to the add classes page, click the link to Enroll.

left menu bar navigation

You also could navigate directly to the Add Classes page by clicking the Enrollment: Add Classes link under the Enrollment folder in the Self-Service main menu.

self service menu navigation

or you can click the Enrollment link in the left menu and then click the Enrollment: Add Classes link from either the left side or the main menu.

MY FAVORITES and Menu Navigation:

It may be more useful for you to link to your commonly accessed pages under My Favorites:

Once you have navigated to a page that you want to save in My Favorites, click the Add to Favorites link in the upper right of the screen.

top menu bar

In the Add to Favorites page that pops up, edit the page name if you wish and click OK.

Once added, you can navigate to the page from the opening left menu bar by clicking My Favorites and clicking the page name.

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