Winter Study 99
Faculty Sponsor Form

Please complete this required form after thoroughly reviewing your student's WSP independent Study Proposal. Note that an incomplete form may result in rejection of the proposal.


Faculty Sponsor First Name: Faculty Sponsor Last Name:

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Student's First Name: Student's Last Name:
(Note: If this is a group project, please submit a form for each student in the group.)

1. Evaluate the student's preparation for pursuing this independent study.

2. Evaluate the intellectual content of the project.

3. Evaluate the bibliography.

4. Evaluate the research methodology.

5. Is the workload appropriate?

6. Please describe the form(s) of evaluation that will be used: ten page (or longer) paper, performance or showing plus analytical essay, or other combination of creative work and analysis (other methods of reporting investigations or experiences ought to be explicitly justified--a daily journal alone is not adequate). To insure student reflection and analysis beyond the creation of a specific product or project, the Winter Study Committee reserves the right to require a written summary of the project from the student if a 10-page paper is not the requirement.

7. Beyond evaluating the final project, what will be your involvement in this project? How often do you plan to meet with the student? If this 99 requires work away from campus, (a) will you meet with the student before or after the travel component of the project and (b) how will you maintain contact with the student while he/she is away?


After evaluating the student's ability to execute this project, do you

If the student is applying for financial aid, please answer the following:

Note that all Winter Study work must be completed and in the sponsor's hands by January 28th unless prior written extension has been obtained from the Dean's Office.

Faculty sponsors should submit this online form by October 5th. Please print out a copy, sign it and then forward it, along with the student's 99 proposal, to your department for their approval. Department chairs will then review the proposals and submit the ones they have signed off on to the Registrar's Office by October 9th. Do you agree to the terms and conditions of using our services?

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