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  • From 15 October through 19 October, all students may register for Winter Study via PeopleSoft. This information sheet should answer any questions you may have about these matters but, if not, please contact our office.
  • The Winter Study Period will be from Monday, January 6th through Thursday, January 30th.


  • Your WSP registration must be entered on Peoplesoft no later than Sunday, October 19 (8 a.m. October 20). If you do not register for WSP by this deadline, you will not be included in the first-choice phase of the selection process.
  • You will sign up for only your first choice during this initial phase of the registration. If you do not get into your first choice, we will recontact you via email, providing you with a list of courses that still have openings. You will pick another selection from that list. If you do not get into a course during choice 2 picks, we will again contact you and provide a new list of courses that still have openings. This process will be repeated until you get into a course.
  • PLEASE NOTE THAT FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS are required to participate in Winter Study Projects that take place mostly on campus; in addition, they are not allowed to do 99's. (Some courses with off-campus field trips are open to first-year students.)
  • Seniors who are enrolled in a thesis or project will automatically be registered for the Winter Study that correlates to that thesis or project.
  • If you submitted a 99, we will automatically register you for that 99. If your 99 is not approved, we will notify you via email no later than Friday, 17 October so you can register for another Winter Study course before the 19th of October.


  • There are four grades for all Winter Study Projects: Honors, Pass, Perfunctory Pass, and Fail. The grade of Honors is reserved for outstanding or exceptional work. Individual instructors may specify minimum standards for the grade, but normally, fewer than one out of ten students will qualify. A grade of Pass means the student has performed satisfactorily. A grade of Perfunctory Pass indicates that a student's work has been significantly lacking but is just adequate to deserve a pass. Students who receive two Perfunctory Passes during their four years will be required to pass an extra semester course. Fail means that the student does not receive credit toward graduation and has a course deficiency which must be made up. The Committee on Academic Standing reviews all cases of failure and recommends action in each case. Flagrant neglect of WSP assignments may result in the student's being required to resign from the College.


  • All students must pass a Winter Study Project in each of their four years.
  • Departments and Programs offering a major may require that junior and senior majors take one (but no more than one) designated Winter Study Project in the major as part of the requirements for graduation. Upperclass students should check major requirements in the Bulletin or with the chairs of their majors.
  • For many beginning language courses, you are required to take the Winter Study "Sustaining Program" in addition to your regular project. You will be enrolled automatically in the Sustaining Program, so no one should list this as a choice.
  • All students are required to attend the first meeting of their projects on Monday, January 5th. Notification of WSP assignments will be announced before the end of Fall Semester. Time and place of the first meetings also will be posted just before the end of first semester. Anyone who fails to attend the first meeting may be dropped from the project by the instructor. Students who are registered for projects listed as "TBA" must contact the instructor before leaving for recess for instructions regarding their projects.
  • The rules for making course changes during WSP are different from those of the regular semester. All students must take the original project to which they are assigned; however, during the first two days of classes, 5 and 6 January, students may add a second project if the instructor agrees. The original project may not be dropped. Add forms will be available in the Registrar's Office or online.
  • All work associated with the WSP must be completed by 3:50 p.m., Thursday, January 29, 2015. Failure to meet this deadline will result in a grade of "Fail." Only the Office of the Dean of the College may grant extensions of this deadline.
  • Exchange students who are at Williams for a full year must take and pass one Winter Study Project. Exchange students at Williams for the first semester only may need to take a Winter Study Project in January, depending on the requirements and academic calendars of their home institutions.


  • In the Winter Study Program section of the Bulletin courses are listed with a "cost to student." This figure normally includes any costs for textbooks, materials, and required field trips.
  • All students whose Winter Study Projects require them to be off campus for 10 days or more are entitled to a rebate for that period on their board bills. (The amount rebated is that part of the board bill which covers food costs only, since overhead costs continue in January.)
  • Forms for requesting the board rebates will not be available until late November. When they are available, a notice will be published in the Daily Messages and Daily Advisor. These rebate forms are obtained from Dining Services and completed forms must be returned to Dining Services.

Financial Aid

  • Financial aid students are eligible for assistance to help defray the expense of some Winter Study costs.
  • Financial aid students who are registered in a regular project with defined costs as outlined in the course description need not apply for this scholarship aid. Upon confirmation of enrollment with the Registrar's Office, such students will be notified on the first day of classes when their reimbursement will be available. Reimbursements equal 75% of the stated costs, up to a maximum of $300.
  • Financial aid students who apply for 99 projects will need to submit a cost estimate on a separate form with the 99 proposal. This form is available in the Financial Aid Office. Once registration is completed, students doing approved 99 projects will be notified of the amount of scholarship aid granted them (mid-November) by letter from the Financial Aid Office. Reimbursements equal 75% of the proposed costs, up to a maximum of $500. Generally, 99 reimbursement checks are processed and sent to student S.U. Boxes before the final exam period in December.
  • Financial aid students who apply for 99 projects will need to submit a cost estimate with the 99 proposal. This form is available on the Registrar’s Winter Study 99 webpage. Once registration is completed, students doing approved 99 projects will be notified of the amount of their Winter Study grant (generally by mid-November) by email from the Financial Aid Office. Reimbursements equal 75% of the approved costs, up to a maximum of $500. Generally, 99 reimbursements are sent via direct deposit (preferred) or to student S.U. Boxes before the final exam period in December. Direct deposit forms are available from the Controller’s Office.

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