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Winter Study 2012 Instructor Contact Information

Subject Number Title Instructor First Name Instructor Last Name Email
AFR 10 Black Gospel Music, History and Performance Ensemble Avery Sharpe
AMST 10 Experimenting with Poems Dorothy Wang
ANSO 11 Berkshire Farm Internship Donelle Hauser
ANSO 12 Children and the Courts Judith Locke
ANSO 13 Epidemiology, Public Health, and Leadership in the Health Professions Nicholas Wright
ANTH 15 Afghanistan in Photo and Film David Edwards
ARTH 10 Art & Exhibition: Asco at WCMA C. Ondine Chavoya
ARTH 11 Editorial Cartooning and the Art of Propaganda Channing Lowe
ARTS 12 Figure Modeling Amy Podmore
ARTS 13 Design Garage Carissa Carter
ARTS 25 Art of Experience in Egypt: Visual Documentation of Journey and Encounter Julia Morgan-Leamon
ASTR 11 The Amber Room and the Hidden Treasures: Impressionist Art Held Hostage? Margo Bowden
ASTR 12 Transits: Venus's atmosphere, the size of the Solar System, and planets around other stars Jay Pasachoff
BIOL 10 Observational Drawing from the Natural World John Recco
BIOL 11 Project BioEyes: Zebrafish Genetics and Development in the K-12 classroom Jennifer Swoap
BIOL 13 Ferment, Leaven and Curdle Rachel Ruggles
BIOL 21 Science Beyond Williams William DeWitt
BIOL 22 Introduction to Biological Research William DeWitt
CHEM 11 Science for Kids Lawrence Kaplan
CHEM 12 Spanish for the Health Sciences Enrique Peacock-Lopez
CHEM 13 The Principles and Practice of Peptide Chemistry Tony Truran
CHEM 14 Beyond Hooking Up: Creating Meaningful Relationships Sherie Smith
CHEM 18 Intro to Research in Biochemistry Amy Gehring
CHEM 24 Intro to Research in Physical Chemistry Dieter Bingemann
CHEM 25 Paleoanthropology in Egypt Anne Skinner
CHIN 10 Theory and Practice of Chinese Cooking Jerling Kubler
CLAS 11 The History of Words Eden Dekel
CLAS 12 Introduction to Old Irish Shannon Farley
CLAS 14 Plato's Symposium and Its Afterlife Amanda Wilcox
COMP 10 The Grand Hotel in Modern Fiction and Film Helga Druxes
COMP 13 Japanese Animation Christopher Bolton
CSCI 11 Mixology Brent Heeringa
CSCI 23 Introduction to Research and Development in Computing Duane Bailey
ECON 10 Dollars, Sense & Healthcare in the US Karen Engberg]
ECON 11 Public Speaking Jerry Caprio
ECON 12 What Does It Take to Start a Business Steven Fogel
ECON 13 Real Estate and the Dream of Prosperity Stephen Sheppard
ECON 16 Mechanisms of Arbitrage Paul Isaac
ECON 17 Entrepreneurship Jeffrey Thomas
ECON 22 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Tara Watson
ECON 23 Introduction to the Economics, Geography & Appreciation of Wine Peter Pedroni
ECON 51 The practice and empirics of monetary policy in emerging & developing countries Kenneth Kuttner
ECON 52 Micro-Simulation Modeling for Ex Ante Policy Analysis Michael Samson
ECON 53 Practical Quantitative Tools for Development   ROLLEIGH
ENGL 10 Fictions of Domesticity Kashia Pieprzak
ENGL 11 The Changing Landscape of Journalism Today John Kleiner
ENGL 12 Making Jewelry: Design and Techniques Alison Case
ENGL 13 Hipster, Reading Gage McWeeny
ENGL 14 Writing Nonfiction John Rosenberg
ENGL 15 Teaching High School English Bernard Rhie
ENGL 16 Henry James, The Golden Bowl Anita Sokolsky
ENGL 17 Anarchism, Terrorism, and Form in Conrad's Fiction Stephen Tifft
ENGL 18 Stories and Pictures Gabriela Vainsencher
ENGL 25 Morocco Sherron Knopp
ENGL 27 Printmaking on Paper Clay Diane Sullivan
ENGL 29 Peer Writing Tutor Workship Stephanie Dunson
ENVI 14 Environmental Ed-What, Why and How Peter Parish
ENVI 25 Sustainable Eleuthera: Community Development through Community Gardening Sarah Gardner
GEOS 11 Mapping Data--A Spatial Approach to Research Sharron Macklin
GEOS 12 Landscape Photography Nicholas Whitman
HIST 10 Soccer Fandom: Race, Violence, and Hooligans Roger Kittleson
HIST 12 Reading Childhood Gretchen Long
HIST 14 "I Will Bear Witness Until the Bitter End": The Experience of a German Jew in the Third Reich, 1933-1945 Thomas Kohut
HIST 15 CAMP IT UP! The Politics of Queer Performance Anna Fishzon
HIST 22 Realities and Representations of Native Americans Laura Spero
HIST 23 Gaudino Winter Study Course Magnus Bernhardsson
HIST 29 Eyewitness to the Civil Rights Movement: Mississippi, 1964-1965 Chris Williams
JAPN 11 The Samurai in Japanese Film Frank Stewart
JWST 10 Diary Writing, Children and the Experiences of Genocide Stephen Glantz
LATS 11 Race 2.0: Race and New Media Representations Jillian Baez
LATS 13 Understanding Similarities, Bridging Differences Taj Smith
LEAD 10 Institutional Leadership & Social Responsibility Earl Dudley
LEAD 18 Wilderness Leadership Scott Lewis
LGST 13 United States Environmental Law: Its Historic Past, Its Uncertain Future Philip McKnight
LGST 14 Mock Trial David Olson
LGST 17 Learning Intervention for Troubled Teens Michael Wynn
MAST 10 Ultimate Wellness: Concepts for Living a Happy Healthy Life Nicole Anagnos
MATH 13 Visualization Satyan Devadoss
MATH 12 Modern Dance - Muller Technique Sylvia Logan
MATH 14 The Art and Science of Baking Allison Pacelli
MATH 15 Mathematics of the Rubik's Cube Mihai Stoiciu
MATH 16 A Critical Study of the Coen Brothers Elizabeth Townsend Beazley
MUS 11 Tuning and Temperment Edward Gollin
MUS 12 African Marimba Music Ernest Brown
MUS 13 I/O Fest '12 Matthew Gold
MUS 14 Classic American and European Musical Theatre Keith Kibler
MUS 25 Choral singing and South Africa Brad Wells
PHIL 10 Above Us Only Sky: Atheist Understandings of Reason, Morality and the Meaning of Life Bojana Mladenovic
PHIL 12 Bioethics According to The Simpsons Julia Pedroni
PHIL 16 Chekhov, An Unlikely Revolutionary Milos Mladenovic
PHIL 20 Tavern of Crossed Destinies: The Video Alan White
PHIL 25 Morocco Melissa Barry
PHYS 10 Ligth and Holography Kevin Jones
PHYS 12 Drawing as a Learnable Skill Stella Ehrich
PHYS 13 Media Immersion Tamra Hjermstad
PHYS 22 Research Participation David Tucker-Smith
POEC 23 Institutional Investment Collette Chilton
PSCI 10 Opening Up the Corporate World: Research on Corporate Ethics Stewart Burns
PSCI 13 States, Foreigners and Famine in Africa Ngoni Munemo
PSCI 14 Making Sense of the CIA Donald Gregg (co-taught with McAllister)
PSCI 16 Political Aikido, Embodied Leadership, and the State of the Union Robert Kent
PSCI 21 Fieldwork in Public Affairs and Private Non-Profits Cathy Johnson
PSCI 24 Politics and History in Cuba James Mahon
PSCI 25 Eye Care and Culture on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua Robert Peck
PSCI 26 Catholic Social Teaching and Practice in Jamaica Darel Paul
PSYC 10 Group Dynamics and Leadership Paul Gitterman
PSYC 12 Alternative Birth Choices Kristen Savitsky
PSYC 13 Coming Down from the High: 12 Step and Recovery Counseling K. Richard Berger
PSYC 15 Ephquilts: An Introduction to Traditional Quiltma Debra Rogers-Gillig
PSYC 18 Residential Treatment Internship in the Berkshires Richard Belair  
PSYC 19 Psychology Internships Robert Kavanaugh
PSYC 22 Introduction to Research in Psychology Paul Solomon
REL 10 Kierkegaard and Religion Glenn Shuck
REL 12 Wellness, Yoga, and the Art of Fully Thriving Danny Arguetti
REL 13 Write a Novel Jason Josephson
REL 14 Yoga as Integration of Knowledge and Practice Natasha Judson
REL 25 JERUSALEM: One City, Three Faiths, Many Narratives Robert Scherr
REL 26 Explorations in Solidarity: a meeting of minds and hearts in Nicaragua Richard Spalding
RLFR 16 Contemporary Queer Cinema in France Brian Martin
RLSP 25 US-Mexico Border Issues Nicholas Goodbody
RUSS 25 Williams in Georgia Dawn Seckler
SPEC 10 Quest for College: Early Awareness in Berkshire County Schools Gina Coleman
SPEC 13 Physical Computing David Furlow
SPEC 15 Contemporary American Songwriter Bernice Lewis
SPEC 16 Peer Support Training Karen Theiling
SPEC 19 Medical Apprenticeship Jane Cary
SPEC 21 Experience the Workplace; an Internship with Williams Alumni/Parents John Noble
SPEC 26 Resettling Refugees in Maine Jeff Thaler
SPEC 28 Teaching Practica in New York City Schools Tracy Finnegan
SPEC 35 Pottery Ray Bub
SPEC 39 Composing a Life: Finding Success and Balance in Life After Williams Chip Chandler
THEA 10 Playwriting Studio: Art and the Everyday Amy Holzapfel
THEA 17 Cabaret: Creation and Performance Abigail Nessen

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