Small ads that saved children's lives

The London Jewish Chronicle, November 3, 2006

"What is especially striking is how many of the advertisers came from Austria, the country which for so many years was Holocaust-blind, in a state of sustained denial as to what happened to its Jewish population during the war or its responsibility as the cradle of Nazism.

Eva Grudin is an art historian who was so struck by the moving JC announcements and, more particularly, by how many of them had been posted by Viennese Jews, that she has begun a provocative project to reintroduce them to the wider Austrian community."

Street Action

Vienna Review, November 2006

"Racist graffiti is not uncommon in Vienna, even in the inner districts. One can find it smeared on walls and buildings, often a two-word slogan both primitive and simple in message: Your kind isn't wanted here.

Some people, like political artists Eva Grudin and Yossi Gutmann, think the problem is so pervasive that something drastic must be done about it. That is why, on a chilly November day, they decided to print and distribute posters feature photographs of the graffiti to tourists milling about on Stephansplatz."

In Memoriam

Die Presse, November 9, 2006

The London Jewish Chronicle refugee ads as they appeared republished in Die Presse.

The Second Generation: Children of the Survivors of the Shoah

GEDENKDIENST: Journal of Austrian Holocaust Education, February 2007

"Yossi Gutmann and Eva Grudin belong to a group of the second generation who actively respond to their own history. They founded the artists' group 'ToCounterAct,' which addresses racism and anti-Semitism in Austria. They spoke to GEDENKDIENST about their experiences in Austria, about their family histories, and about the conditions of the country today."

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Suspect: The Youth Journal of the Green Alternative, January 14, 2007

"CounterAct is an art group that has made the confrontation with racism and anti-Semitism its goal."

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