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Speech by Medley Gatewood '96
July 29, 2003

Medley Gatewood '96

Captain, Offensive Center
All-ECAC New England

NCAA Post-Graduate Scholarship Winner

Gatewood is currently in his second year of residency in the Harvard affiliated Mass General/ Brigham & Women's Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency Program after having graduated from The University of Chicago's Prtizker School of Medicine

From Gatewood's speech at the 1996 Williams Scholar Athlete Dinner:

"The arts & sciences are all encompassing, not merely restricted to the classroom. The ability to balance endeavors in the classroom and in the arena, while finding distinction in both, is what brings us together.

Just making a painting, writing prose, analyzing dogma, or unraveling a genetic sequence are all expressions of our own curiosities, interests, and emotions, so too is the ability to express oneself physically through sport.

Happy are those who are lucky enough to love a game or an academic discipline. Truly rich are those who are lucky enough to love both; they are rich in heart and spirit. My college career is over, but I can promise you one thing. The best class I ever had at Williams started at 4:00 PM every afternoon."