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Football Time Commitments
July 29, 2003

The team returns in late August/early September. The first three days are non-contact days (NCAA rules) followed by several days of double sessions in pads.

NCAA rules permit 20 hours of practice per week (including video review and lifting) and require one day off per week. These rules are strictly adhered to. The day off is either Sunday or Monday depending on whether there is a JV game. The JV team plays four games a year.

Academic priorities and commitments take precedence over athletic practices at all times. Rest assured, you will not have to make unreasonable decisions regarding occasional conflicts.

Out of season: No formal or mandatory workouts, but athletes are encouraged to stay active and fit through participation in another varsity sport, intramurals and regular workouts in the Fitness Center. All such workouts are self-directed, and are done at the individual student's leisure. We expect off-season improvement, but at the student's discretion.