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Ethan Brooks (1996) Signs With New York Jets
July 22, 2005

The Jets will be the 5th NFL team Ethan Brooks has played for
HEMPSTEAD, NY Former Eph three-sport All-American and veteran NFL offensive lineman Ethan Brooks has signed a one-year free agent contract with the New York Jets.

Brooks was a seventh round draft choice by the Atlanta Falcons in 1996. The Falcons converted Brooks from the defensive line to the offensive line and his entire NFL career as well as a year in NFL Europe on the offensive side of the line.

In the last three seasons with the Baltimore Ravens Brooks appeared in 44 games and he started 23 at right tackle.

He has appeared in 75 NFL contests and has started 44 times. Brooks has also played for the St. Louis Rams, Arizona Cardinals and the Atlanta Falcons.

"The Ravens wanted to go with youth on the offensive line so I looked at offers from the Falcons and the Jets," said Brooks. "The Jets are offering me the best chance to get on the field so I signed a one-year contract with them. I'll either start at right tackle or be the swing tackle."

Brooks is listed at 6' 6" and 330 lbs. on the Jets roster, but he will report to camp on Thursday, July 21st at no more than 315 lbs. "I feel a little light at 315 lbs., but the Jets told me that if I report higher than 315 I will be fined $500.00 for each pound."

Though he will be entering his eighth season as an NFL player, Brooks is anxious for camp to open. "I feel great right now," said Brooks. "I'm ready to learn a new offense and compete for playing time right now so camp could open tomorrow and I would be happy."

Looking to the future Brooks knows that he will one day have to walk away from the NFL, but he has no set plans right now. "Maybe I'll go back to Williams and coach the offensive line," he joked. "I'm considering investing in some athletic training facilities franchises for top flight athletes, but nothing is definite at this time." Brooks has been investing a portion of his NFL salary with the guidance of former Eph teammate Andy Kurita over the past several years and he is fully invested in the NFL pension plan so he will not be in a position where he will have to get a job in the real world right away.

Brooks is taking his NFL career one year at a time right now. "At the end of the year I will assess where I am physically and see if I want to go for a ninth year," said Brooks. "There are always some lingering and nagging injuries at the end of every season, so if I do not have a major injury I likely will go for another year."