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Ephs Hold their Ground on Day Two; Finish Fourth (Updated)
September 24, 2006

WILLIAMSTOWN, MA -- The top six teams from yesterday remained in order through the finish as Salem State stayed on top, winning the Williams Invitational with a 559 team total. Leading the way for the Vikings were Matt Baran and Ken Haskell in tying for third overall with 3-over par totals of 145. Stephen Goodridge of the University of Rochester was the individual leader for the tournament with a four-under-par 138, one of only two players to break even par this weekend.

Despite a seven-stroke improvement over yesterday, the host Ephs were unable to budge from their spot in fourth of a day ago. However a consistent all-around effort as well as top ten scores from senior Kevin Kellert (75-72=147), and sophomore Tyler Zara (74-74=148), made for a generally pleasing weekend. In addition, though not officially counted, the Williams "B" team gave a strong performance (305-304=609) and Head Coach Rick Pohle thinks the team as a whole seems "pretty upbeat" heading into next weekend's NESCAC Championship play.


Kevin Kellert—75-72=147

Tyler Zara—74-74=148

Alex Mallory—75-78=153

Frank Haluska—80-74=154

Nicholas Nottebohm—79-80=159


Brendan Conley—80-78=158

Rahul Bahl—81-77=158

Jeff Lin—77-82=159

Logan Gerrity—76-88=164

Matt Felser—79-86=165

Williams Invitational Team Scores

2006 Williams Invitational Final Results

1) Salem St.—277-282=569

Matt Baran—75-70=145 Ken Haskell—72-73=145 Sean LaBelle—72-76=148 Chris Anderson—74-75=149 Brian Cawley—78-74=152

2) Rochester—282-287=569

Stephen Goodridge—67-71=138 Brandon Isobe—71-74=145 Joe Derrigo, Jr.—79-74=153 Chris Wuest—76-78=154 Jon Pecor—76-79=155


Scott Newell—71-70=141 Tobin Spector—75-70=145 Sam Dasilva—77-72=149 Nick Caldwell—81-74=155 Stuart Drahota—81-78=159

4) Williams—293-286=579

Kevin Kellert—75-72=147 Tyler Zara—74-74=148 Alex Mallory—75-78=153 Frank Haluska—80-74=154 Nicholas Nottebohm—79-80=159

5) Babson—295-289=583

Paul Lambert—75-74=149 Travis Dewire—78-71=149 Rory Doherty—74-78=152 Fernando Pineres—78-76=154 Harrison Epstein—86-76=162

6) St. Lawrence—296-296=592

Ben von Reyn—76-75=151 L.B. Haney—75-80=155 Chris Felix—76-80=156 Jason Condro—81-76=157 Josh Trivilino—82-78=160

7) Middlebury—305-288=593

George Baumann—79-73=152 Harrison Bane—77-77=154 Chad Bellmare—80-75=155 Jay Yonamine—81-78=159 Jeff Patterson—84-76=160

8) WNEC—302-299=601

E.J. Czajkowski—76-76=152 Steve Rourke—76-81=157 Michael Roy—80-78=158 Mark Waskiewicz—82-80=162 Justin Ostiguy—82-90=172

9) Hamilton—306-303=609

Mike Hayes—75-79=154 Phil Preiss—81-77=158 Dan Treichler—79-82=161 Dave Christie—83-80=163 Chris Pike—87-80=167 Springfield—314-295=609

Andrew Wright—77-68=145 Bryan Chiralolo—83-75=158 Michael LaJoie—83-78=161 Greg Levings—83-80=163 Matt McCarthy—90-97=187

12) Trinity, Ct.—311-299=610

George Boudria 77-73=150 Reid Longley 77-76=153 Alex MacColl 78-76=154 George Brickley 82-77=159 John Cosgriff 94-93=187

13) Amherst—310-302=612

Chris Valentine 77-81=158 Adam Shniderman 85-74=159 Andrew Bruns 78-84=162 Will Collins 83-80=163 Sean Jules 84-79=163

14) NYU—312-302=614

Matt McGinnis 81-75=156 Mike Liebfried 79-77=156 John Pharr 78-80=158 Adam Krainson 82-82=164 Charlie Johnson 87-80=167

15) Bowdoin—309-307=616

Brandon Mallory 79-75=154 Shaez Allidina 82-80=162 Jeff Cutter 78-85=163 Ryan Blossom 83-82=165 George Schlesinger 87-87=174

16) Wesleyan—322-313=635

Eli Wilson 78-78=156 Dave Velando 84-79=163 Rob McCourt 81-83=164 John Elshelman 94-84=178 John Torrenti 91-90=181

17) Worcester St.—321-325=646

Nick Lombardi 75-77=152 Zachary Camarra 79-80=159 John Mazzone 80-81=161 Mike Leveroni 87-84=171 Shawn O’Neil 93-96=189

18) Elms—332-330=662

Neil Daigneault 82-73=155 Matt Walsh 86-82=168 Ben Kwaitowski 81-88=169 James Hurlbut 83-87=170

19) MCLA—334-338=672 Simon Zelazo 80-79=159 Brandon Sullivan 79-86=165 AJ Guntlow 88-97=185 Ed Cano 93-92=185 Matt Douglas 98-88=186

20) MIT—356-337=693

Anthony Fowler 80-81=161 Chen Si 90-90=180 Bradley Brown 92-89=181 Aaron Acosta 103-89=192 Austin Oehlerking 109-106=215