This Oakley Center Symposium offered multiple perspectives on how posthumanist thought is reshaping fields as disparate as history, ethics, primatology, and literary studies. Some participants documented how our engagement with machines or non-human species changes our inner life in profound ways. Others considered the "transhumanism" notion that pharmaceuticals and prosthetic technologies will eventually transform us into beings who are no longer conventionally human. Together the participants attempted to identify key elements of posthumanist thought and share ideas about its impact on humanist thought and practiceAfter Humanism Symposium


Michael F. Brown (Director, Oakley Center) and James L. Nolan, Jr. (Chair, Dept. of Anthropology & Sociology, Williams College)


"After Humanism" participants in the Oakley Center living room

L to R: Chris Pye, Bill Lynn, Michael Brown, Carl Elliott

Michael Zimmerman, Cary Wolfe

Conversations during a break in formal discussion

L to R: Keith McPartland, Jim Nolan, David Christian

Sarah Whatmore, Erik Davis, Katherine Hayles

Richard Sennett, Christian Thorne

Barbara King, Sarah Franklin

Nicolas Howe and Richard Sennett on the porch
during a break