Additional articles and book chapters on various facets of heritage protection and indigenous rights by Michael F. Brown, Williams College, most with full-text access.

1994 "Who Owns What Spirits Share?: Reflections on Commodification and Intellectual Property in New Age America." Political & Legal Anthropology Review 17 (2): 7-17.

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1998 "Cultural Records in Question: Information and its Moral Dilemmas." CRM (Cultural Resource Management) 21(6): 18-20.

2003 "Safeguarding the Intangible," a 1500-word comment on the limitations of UNESCO's Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. Originally published online by the Center for Arts & Culture, Washington, D.C., an organization that disbanded in 2005.

2004 "Heritage as Property." Property In Question: Value Transformation in the Global Economy, Katherine Verdery and Caroline Humphrey, eds. Oxford : Berg Publishers, pp. 49-68

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2010 "'In Defense of Property': An Exchange." International Journal of Cultural Property 17: 569-598. Consists of comment by Michael F. Brown (pp. 569-579) and reply by Kristen A. Carpenter, Sonia K. Katyal, and Angela R. Riley (pp. 581-598). Carpenter, Katyal, and Riley's contribution included with authors' kind permission.

2011 "Антропологического форума". Содержание вы можете найти на сайте журнала: English version, "Cultural Property, Control of Meaning, and Paths to Recognition," available here.

2012 "Safeguarding the Intangible." Originally published in 2003, this short piece has been republished with minor updates in the Museum Anthropology Review, along with a reply by the Smithsonian Institution's Richard Kurin.

Articles about work

2003 On-line interview of Michael F. Brown by Marren Sanders, in the Suffolk University Law School Journal of High Technology Law.

2007 Interview of Michael F. Brown, conducted by Thomas Strong and Jukka Siikala, Suomen Antropologi (Finland, published in English).