Chap. 5  
Full text (pdf) article by Fred Chapman, "The Bighorn Medicine Wheel 1988-1999"
Climbing Management Plan, Devils Tower National Monument; National Park Service, 1995
Homepage of Mountain States Legal Foundation, which generally opposes special sacred-sites protections on federal lands.
Full text (pdf) of Solicitor General's response to Bear Lodge Multiple Use Association v. Babbitt (Devils Tower access case)
Essay by Bron Taylor and Joel Geffen, "Battling Religions in Parks and Forest Reserves: Facing Religion in Conflicts over Protected Places," 2004, 13 pp.(pdf).
Sacred Land Film Project, a group supporting the free exercise of religion at American sacred sites, including information on the documentary In the Light of Reverence
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's opinion in Lyng v. Northwest Indian Cemetary Protective Association, 1988, as a full-text (html) document
Chap. 6
At the Edge of
the Indigenous
Complete transcript (pdf) , Hindmarsh Island Bridge Royal Commission, 1996. (Over 6,000 pages, partitioned into sections; broadband recommended)
Full-text (html) article by Ron Brunton, "The Divide of Hindmarsh," 1998.
Full-text (pdf) article by James F. Weiner, "Culture in a Sealed Envelope: The Concealment of Australian Aboriginal Heritage and Tradition in the Hindmarsh Island Bridge Affair, Journ. of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 1999.
Ngarrindjeri Nation website.
Full-text (pdf) article by Brian D. Haley and Larry R. Wilcoxon, "Anthropology and the Making of Chumash Tradition," Current Anthropology 38, 1997. (500K download; broadband recommended)
Chap. 7
Heritage in
the Iron Cage
Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) links of the online Arctic forum, Arctic Circle
Although the UN Document Protection of the Heritage of Indigenous People (generally referred to as the "Daes Report" in my book) is not, to my knowledge, available on line in the exact form that I used when writing the book, its general principles are reiterated in a 2000 document called Report of the seminar on the draft principles and guidelines for the protection of the heritage of indigenous people. For a response to this report by Yozo Yokota and the Saami Council, click here. You may also want to browse UN documents and fact-sheets devoted to indigenous issues, which offer a useful view of the UN's current approach to heritage protection. [May 2007: Many thanks to Carine Ayele Durand of Cambridge for helping me to update these links. I confess, though, that the website of the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights remains one of the most byzantine I've ever encountered, which may say something about the organization that sponsors it.]
Full text (html) of Indian Arts & Crafts Act, 1990
Information on Alaska's "Silver Hand" program, designed to protect the authenticity of works of art produced by Alaska Natives
dot Additional performance photos of Casper Lomayesva, by Lee Hyeoma
Chap. 8
Finding Justice in the Global
The Bellagio Declaration, 1993
Gary Reback's article "Patently absurd," Forbes 2000
Website of Public Knowledge, an organization that promotes a robust public domain.
Website of Creative Commons, an organization actively developing alternatives to copyrights and patents.
Rosemary J. Coombe, "Fear, Hope, and Longing for the Future of Authorship and a Revitalized Public Domain in Global Regimes of Intellectual Property," 2003, 15 pp.(pdf).
The book's bibliography in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format