Image: Mandala created by Tibetan monks at Williams College Art Museum, 2003, photo by Michael F. Brown
Web page of the Indian Arts & Crafts Board, USA
"Footprints in New Snow: Postmodernism or Cultural Appropriation?" Essay by Christos Hatzis on the ethical dilemmas of using Inuit music in audio and video productions, 1999 (full-text html).
Full text (html) lecture by noted ethnomusicologist Anthony Seeger, "Intellectual Property and Audiovisual Archives & Collections."
Website of Anthony McCann, ethnomusicologist, which contains several of MCann's publications on IPR and traditional musics, as well as a useful collection of links relating to sampling, fieldwork ethics, and the ownership of music.
Terri Janke's "Moral Rights and Protecting the Cultural Rights of Indigenous Artists," 2000.
Article by Scott S. Smith, "The Scandal of Fake Indian Crafts," 1998
Story (html) on international appropriation of the didgeridoo, a traditional instrument of Aboriginal Australians. Source: European Network on Indigenous Aboriginal Rights (ENIAR), 2003.
Paper by Jane Anderson & Grace Koch, "The politics of context: Issues for the law, researchers and the creation of databases," which includes case study of the legal and moral status of field recordings of Aboriginal Australian music. Apparently dates to 2004 (html).
Two interesting articles by Peter Shand, "Can Copyright be Reconciled with First Nations' Interests in Visual Arts (2000, 26 pp. pdf), and "Scenes from the Colonial Catwalk: Cultural Appropriation, Intellectual Property Rights, and Fashion" (2002, 42 pp, pdf).
bullett Article (html) by Michael Yates on the ownership of traditional music, with special emphasis on the UK, 2000.
JefJeff Todd Titon's blog Sustainable Music, which focuses on questions related to heritage protection and management, with particular attention to folk musics.