From The Inquirer, 5 May 2005

Scouts get merit badge for respecting intellectual property

By Paul Hales: Thursday 05 May 2005, 13:35

THE HONG KONG Scout Association has issued a badge scouts can earn for "respecting intellectual property rights."

The idea is the brainchild of scout master Victor Chan, who also happens to be Deputy General Manager of the Hong Kong Motion Picture Association (MPA). The MPA in Hong Kong says Chan’s idea is supported by the Hong Kong Scout Association and Hong Kong Customs.

A spokesman for the Asia-Pacific MPA, Mike Ellis, said there was a need, "to make people understand that intellectual property has a value, and that its development has a cost. If people don’t value intellectual property, and are not willing to pay for it, eventually the development of that intellectual property will dry up."

Elllis, who isn’t a psychologist, or an expert on human motivation, might be excused for peddling untruths, but should he be allowed near your children, we wonder?

The MPA says far-eastern piracy costs it members US$896 million in lost revenue each year.