Michael F. Brown, Dept. of Anthropology & Sociology, Williams College
Harvard University Press, September 2003. ISBN 0-674-01171-6

Cloth, illustrated, $29.95, paper $16.95.

Also by Michael F. Brown
The Channeling Zone: American Spirituality in an Anxious Age, Harvard Univ. Press, 1997.
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Guerra de sombras: La lucha por la utopía en la amazonía peruana (w/ Eduardo Fernández), CAAAP/CAEA 2001
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War of Shadows: The Struggle for Utopia in the Peruvian Amazon (w/ Eduardo Fernández), Univ. of Calfornia Press, 1991
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Tsewa's Gift: Magic and Meaning in an Amazonian Society, 1986, now distributed. by Univ. of Alabama Press.
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Una paz incierta: Historia y cultura de las comunidades aguarunas frente al impacto de la Carretera Marginal, 1984, CAAAP.
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Book information, Harvard University Press website. The 2004 paper edition available for $14.47 (July 2013) at Amazon.com. Kindle edition: $13.20.

Published reviews & comments.

Pdf of first 31 pages of book, including front matter, preface, introduction, and part of Chapter One.

"Who Owns Culture?" July 29, 2004. Radio interview broadcast on BBC/Radio 4 program Analysis. Also includes interview material from Adam Kuper and others. Available as streaming audio or in transcript form.

"Who Owns Native Culture?" March 21, 2004. Interview about issues of identity and cultural ownership. Interviewees: Michael Brown, Sherman Alexie, and Elijah Wald. Aired on To the Best of Our Knowledge, Wisconsin Public Radio/PRI. Streaming audio in RealPlayer format.

October 14, 2003. Interview about issues related to the book under the general theme of "Native Cultures and Property Rights," Aired on Odyssey, WBEZ, Chicago, "a daily talk show of ideas." Also participating: Prof. Luis Vivanco, University of Vermont.