Eclipse Results


Links to observations from many observers (URLs for photos)

Jay Pasachoff's eclipse animation (Quick Time)

Friedland's eclipse movie (Quick Time)

Pasachoff Eclipse '03 movies

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First diamond ring, realtime  Part One (mp4)    Part One (Windows Media)
Whole eclipse, speeded up  Part Two (mp4)    Part Two (Windows Media) 
Second diamond ring, realtime  Part Three (mp4)    Part Three (Windows Media) 
Antarctic scenery  Part Four (mp4)    Part Four (Windows Media) 

Photos by Jay Pasachoff


Joint scientific work with Glenn Schneider (University of Arizona) and Steven Souza (Williams College), and with SOHO spacecraft scientists

General report (joint also with Joel Moskowitz, Jay Friedland, Jean-Luc Dighaye, Michael Gill, and Steve Kolodny), all from a chartered Qantas 747-400 flying over Antarctica

Schneider/Pasachoff/Souza Observations with an SBIG CCD and special lens:

Schneider/Pasachoff observations with a 400-mm lens

Photos by Chris Cerf

The photos show Jay Pasachoff and Zophia Edwards, Williams College '05.

Photos by Michael Gill


Jay Pasachoff was part of the EurAstro Association team on the Croydon Travel chartered 747 over Antarctica.

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