Eye Safety at Eclipses

The following links relate to eye safety at eclipses:

American Paper Optics
Sources of solar filters at Thousand Oaks Optical
Solar Eclipses and Public Education by Jay Pasachoff
Jay Pasachoff's comments on eye safety at eclipses.
Eye Safety and Solar Eclipses, by Ralph Chou
Eye Safety During Solar Eclipses, by Fred Espenak
OK, Look directly at a Total Solar Eclipse, by Dick Land
Human View of Solar Eclipse vs Images, by Dick Land

American Paper Optics

For pricing, samples and information contact: email address: sales@3dglassesonline.com American Paper Optics, Inc., 3080 Bartlett Corporate Drive, Bartlett, TN 38133, USA. Tel: 901-381-1515, Fax: 901-381-1517. The eclipse glasses are manufactured exclusively with Solar Screen patented lens material. CE certified and independently tested, our glasses are safe for direct solar eclipse viewing. http://www.3dglassesonline.com/eclipse.html


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