1972, Prince Edward Island, Canada

The Team:
Students: Dan Stinebring '76, Rob Duisberg '73, Fred Harris '73, Don Cooke '75
Staff: Jay Pasachoff, Donald H. Menzel (Harvard), Phil Schierer (Tektronix), Dennis di Cicco (Harvard)
Sponsors: National Science Foundation, Educational Expeditions International

Prince Edward Island scene
Our spectrograph house on Stanhope Beach, Prince Edward Island.
At a lobster feast. Jimmy Lindeman, a Menzel grandchild, and Donald Menzel are at the left. Mrs. Menzel is near the right and Rob Duisberg, Williams '73, is at extreme right.
Fred Harris, Williams '73, and a telescope
Donald Menzel and Jay Pasachoff.

(photo by Grace Clark)

Jay Pasachoff's family; right to left: Anne Pasachoff, Nancy Kutner, Marc Kutner, Samuel Pasachoff, Jay Pasachoff.
On site at Prince Edward Island: Phil Schierer, Genevieve Cerf and Chris Cerf (on their honeymoon), Samuel Pasachoff, Nancy Kutner, Marc Kutner, Elliot Lepler, and Fred Harris '73.
Jay Pasachoff (outside house) and Donald Cooke '75 (with hat, inside house) are among those helping to move the house off the spectrograph.
The eclipse with prominences
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