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2002 Total Solar Eclipse

Ceduna, Australia • Dec. 4, 2002

2002 total eclipse composite image

Williams College Eclipse Expedition Image Galleries

Trip photos:
  Passing through Adelaide en route to Ceduna
Sights and scenery of Ceduna
At the Ceduna Pier
Visitors at the Expedition's viewing site
Jay Pasachoff speaking at a grammar school
Airshow on the day of the eclipse
Visiting the radio telescope
The Williams eclipse team

Totality photos:
  Sequence of 35 images from one camera
GIF animation made from the above images
Sequence of 28 images from a second camera
Wide-angle bracketed exposures

Photos by Bryan Charlton, © The Age newspaper

Digital photo chronology by Bryce Babcock

Highlights of the trip and totality

Williams College Eclipse Expedition Video Clips

Fast-motion wide-angle view of totality, Quicktime format, 17 sec.
(shot with a Canon XL-1 digital video camera on loan from Canon USA)
low-bandwidth (200 KB) | high-bandwidth (1.3 MB)

Jay Pasachoff interviewed on Australian TV, Quicktime format, 1:07
(© ABC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
low-bandwidth (0.9 MB) | high-bandwidth (6.5 MB)

Steven Souza interviewed on Australian TV, Quicktime format, 2:36
(© ABC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
low-bandwidth (2.1 MB) | high-bandwidth (15 MB)

© Jay Pasachoff and WIT 2003

About the Williams College Expedition

Williams College Expedition Team Website

Weblog of trip in preparation for eclipse, by Jay M. Pasachoff

Image Gallery: Packing Scientific Instruments for Ceduna

Press Release, 9/12/2002

Press Release, 12/1/2002

The Williams College Team


Jay M. Pasachoff
Bryce A. Babcock
Steven Souza
Lee Hawkins
Paul Rosenthal
Ray Smartt
Robert Lucas


David Ticehurst '03
Kristen Shapiro '03
Lissa C. F. Ong '04
Davis V. Stevenson '04
Sarah H. Croft '04
Terry-Ann K Suer '05
Jesse W. Dill '04
Paul M. Crittenden '04
John A. BackusMayes '05
Kamen A. Kozarev '05
Galen M. Thorp '04


Rob Wittenmyer '98


List of image links

Williams College Expedition compound photo with NASA/SOHO

SOHO-recognized eclipse expeditions / Williams College

Jon Kern/Wendy Carlos images and report

Australian Geographic

TV coverage on YouTube from Australian TV "Today" (4:42)

Science Daily


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Williamstown, MA 01267
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