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2012 Transit of Venus

June 5-6, 2012

transit of venus picture


Post-transit page

Transits of Venus and of Mercury

NASA site from Fred Espenak

Transit of Venus maps from eclipse-maps.com

color ToV2012 map

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada's Observer's Handbook discussion

Links from the American Astronomical Society's Historical Astronomy Division

Pasachoff 22-min lecture video for Phi Beta Kappa

National Geographic Society breakingorbit blog

Victor Davies's/Maureen Hunter's "Transit of Venus" opera and play

Wikipedia entry

U.S. Naval Observatory site

Interview with Jay Pasachoff on a National Geographic blog

Chuck Bueter's transitofvenus.org site

Steven van Roode's transit of Venus 2012 site

Steven van Roode's transit expedition history site

European Southern Observatory site

2004-2012 French national site (IMCCE, Observatoire de Paris, ESO)


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