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Earliest Background

92-cm Spin Flip

Deuterium in the Sun

Ultraviolet Deuterium

Deuterated Molecules

Theoretical Nucleosynthesis

Deuterium in the Orion Nebula

Deuterium and QSOs (Quasi-Stellar Objects)

KNAC(Keck Northeastern Astronomy Consortium) papers

Keck Northeastern Astronomy Consortium Undergraduate Papers

Will Best, Tanya Raymond, Sean Sandys 1992, "The Search for Deuterium: CCD-aided Spectral Analysis of B-type Stars," KNAC annual Symposium report 1992

Robert Galloway, Christy Tremonti 1993, "The Search for Deuterium in Molecular Clouds and B Stars," KNAC annual symposium report 1993

Eric Spaulding, Robert Galloway 1994, "Determining the Galactic Deuterium Abundance," KNAC annual symposium report 1994

Jason Ostenson 2000, "Deuterium Abundance in the Interstellar Medium: A Search for Deuterium Balmer Lines in the Orion Nebula and Iota Herculis," KNAC annual symposium report 2000

Gabriel B. Brammer 2001, "Radio and Optical Data for Deuterium Abundance in the Galaxy," KNAC annual symposium report 2001

Terry-Ann Suer 2003, "Deuterium and Cosmology" KNAC annual symposium report 20033