William M. Gentry


Associate Professor of Economics
Department of Economics
Morey House
Williams College
Williamstown, MA  01267

Phone:  (413)  597-4257
Fax:      (413)  597-4045
E-Mail: wgentry@williams.edu


Fall 2006
Economics 351: Tax Policy
Economics 384: Corporate Finance

Spring 2007
Economics 251: Price and Allocation Theory

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Working Papers, Unpublished Research, and Forthcoming Papers

The Character and Determinants of Corporate Capital Gains, co-authored with Mihir Desai, November 2003, Forthcoming in Tax Policy and the Economy, volume 18, edited by James M. Poterba, MIT Press.

What Can We Learn about the Sensitivity of Investment to Stock Prices with a Better Measure of Tobin's q?, co-authored with Chris Mayer, July 2003.

Deviations between Stock Price and Fundamental Value for Real Estate Investment Trusts, co-authored with Charles Jones and Chris Mayer, March 2003.

The Effects of Share Prices Relative to 'Fundamental' Value on Stock Issuances and Repurchases, co-authored with Chris Mayer, April 2003.

Taxes and Wage Growth, co-authored with Glenn Hubbard, November 2003.

The Effects of Progressive Income Taxation on Job Turnover, co-authored with Glenn Hubbard, May 2003, forthcoming Journal of Public Economics.

Tax Policy and Entry into Entrepreneurship, co-authored with Glenn Hubbard, June 2004.

Entrepreneurship and Household Saving, co-authored with Glenn Hubbard, September 2002.

"Success Taxes," Entrepreneurial Entry, and Innovation, co-authored with Glenn Hubbard, April 2004.

Published Papers

Frictions and Tax-Motivated Hedging: An Empirical Exploration of Publicly Traded Exchangeable Securities,” with David M. Schizer, National Tax Journal, March 2003, vol. 56, no. 1 (Part 2), pp. 167-195. Reprinted in Washington University Journal of Law & Policy, 2003, volume 13, pp. 9-74

Dividend Taxes and Share Prices: Evidence from Real Estate Investment Trusts,” with Deen Kemsley and Christopher J. Mayer, Journal of Finance, February 2003, vol. 58, no. 1, pp. 261-282.

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